Dyeing method of aramid 1313

Aramid 1313 usually has a rather high glass transition temperature and crystallinity, which makes dyeing difficult. It cannot be dyed by conventional methods, and even if individual dyes are barely dyed, their color fastness is very poor. To solve this problem, countries have adopted a series of special dyeing methods.


1, solvent dyeing method: Its disadvantage is that after dyeing, it needs to go through a lot of water washing to remove the solvent on the aramid, formaldehyde is easy to cause human poisoning, as well as solvent recovery difficulties.

2, spinning original dyeing method: this method has the characteristics of uniform color and good color fastness. The disadvantage is that it can only provide very few shades of fancy varieties, only suitable for mass production.

3, carrier dyeing method: This is a more common dyeing method used for aromatic polyamide fibers. This method dyeing process is simple, the color is bright, and all the color fastness can reach 3-4 grade.

4. The carrier is very polluting to people and the environment. Flat continuous fast dyeing method: non-polar organic solvent with high boiling point is used as dyeing medium, and the dyed fabric has shallow color and low color fastness because there are few dyes in the dyeing medium.

5, coating method: convenient and feasible, but the fabric feels poor, poor comfort, and affects the flame retardant properties.

6, China's previously developed aromatic / cotton flame retardant fabrics, the use of coatings and dyes combined dyeing process, while combining the cotton flame retardant finishing, the process is longer, the feel is harder. Dyeing aramid 1313 with reduction dyes, acid dyes and disperse dyes under high temperature and high pressure conditions, all of which could not achieve satisfactory dyeing results.

In order to solve the problem of dyeing aramid 1313 and to improve its dyeing fastness, especially the sunlight fastness, the ultra-high temperature and high-pressure expansion method can be used to dye aramid 1313.



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