What is jute fabric? What are the characteristics of jute fabric?

Known as the "golden fiber" jute has a long history of use at home and abroad, at first jute was more often used to produce rope or bags, etc., and then with the continuous improvement of people's textile technology, jute was gradually made into cloth and used in our daily wear clothing, jute and cotton is the same as the ability to completely degrade of, so it is also a more environmentally friendly fabrics, in addition to making rope clothes, jute can also be used to make curtains and carpets and other items. In order to let you heap jute have a more in-depth understanding, this article will give you an introduction to the characteristics of jute fabrics.

What is jute fabric? What are the characteristics of jute fabric?

The characteristics of jute fabric.


First of all, jute fabric has heat insulation, sound insulation and UV protection ability, from these characteristics jute is very suitable for making curtains, in the bedroom with jute curtains will give people a quiet atmosphere, this environment can improve the quality of people's sleep.

Then is the jute fabric has the ability to anti-static, but also will not stimulate the skin allergies, fabric strength and toughness are very good, so jute fabric also has excellent wear resistance, these characteristics determine the jute clothes do not need to spend too much time to take care of.

The appearance of jute is similar to linen, the feel of the words and linen is similar, touch will be relatively hard, this type of fabric made of clothes more or less will be a little tied, but many manufacturers in the production process will be soft, smooth and other processing, jute clothing to minimize the sense of tie.

Finally, jute also has some of the characteristics of hemp fiber, such as its moisture absorption and breathability are very good, dirty and moisturizing is not easy to tear off, the market is a lot of environmental protection bags are made of jute.


Online stores also sell jute fabric, the following is to recommend a more hot commodities in the mall, the

Pure color coarse jute fabric, the width of this fabric is 150cm, the fabric with a natural smell of hemp, the feel may be a little hard but very good elasticity, very suitable for the production of burlap bags, wrapping paper and other goods. The price of this fabric is 10.7 pieces/meter.

What is jute fabric? What are the characteristics of jute fabric?



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