About the efforts of digital waterless printing technology for fabrics

Linen can be described as the protagonist of summer clothing fabrics, its fiber structure (the gap between the fibers is very large) will determine the linen has a strong breathable performance, so wear linen fabric will be very cool, this article will focus on the characteristics of linen fabrics with you.

 What are the characteristics of linen fabrics

Linen fabric features:

1, linen has good moisture absorption and moisture conduction properties, it can absorb water equal to 20 times its own weight, is a common fabric for summer clothing.

2, linen fiber belongs to a natural fiber, natural fibers generally do not irritate and damage the skin, is an anti-allergic fabrics.

3, antibacterial is also a major feature of linen, general linen fabrics are not easy to mold, but it is best to collect in a dry environment.

4, although the toughness of linen is very good, but the fabric is not elastic, pulling hard after the general difficult to restore the original shape, there is also the size of the clothes stability is low, which is also linen and its easy to wrinkle one of the reasons, if you use linen to produce intimate clothing, then there may be a kind of "hard" feeling (hemp fiber characteristics).



Linen and silk which is good

In the comparison before you can look at the characteristics of silk fabrics are:

1, silk is generally silk as raw material, because it has a low coefficient of friction, the fabric is very comfortable to wear.

2, silk is also porous structure, the fabric also has very good breathable performance.

3, excellent UV resistance, the sun can not penetrate silk, some sunscreen clothing will use silk fabrics.

4, but silk is relatively troublesome to take care of, including its washing and maintenance methods.


In fact, there is no such thing as good or bad, only suitable for these two fabrics, on the degree of coolness, then linen will be better, but linen is not very suitable for the production of winter clothing, silk is much warmer than linen. How to choose the specific fabric depends mainly on the consumer's demand for fabric.


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