Anti-bacteria and environmental protection, fire can not burn? What are all these fabulous fabrics!

In recent years, the global climate has a trend of warming. People's work and activities, especially chemical combustion, have greatly changed the earth's environment, so advocating green travel and environmental protection activities have become new requirements.

In the textile industry as well, a large number of excellent fabric producers have emerged.

They not only devote themselves to technological innovation, but also shape home textile brands with excellent quality and enhance the added value of their products - a variety of recycled and functional fabrics have come into being. At the same time, they also pay more and more attention to environmental issues.

The spinning, weaving and garment processing production process produces recycled fabrics by using the trimmings or waste yarn as raw materials and the fiber materials made by reprocessing.


Fabric parameters

Model: PET series / Composition: 100% polyester

Weight: 300gsm / Width: 145cm

This fabric not only realizes the reuse of fiber resources, but also gives the connotation of resourcefulness to textile waste.

Small science of recycled fabrics


The yarns used in the fabric can be divided into two categories: one is cotton-type fiber yarn made from waste trimmings and other processing, and the other is polyester staple fiber yarn processed from melt-drawing of plastic bottle pieces.

It is understood that every 1 ton of waste mineral water bottles can reduce 6 tons of oil consumption and 3.2 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 200 trees a year. This shows that the production of recycled fabrics plays a very big role in protecting the environment.

Zinc oxide nano antibacterial fabric


Healthy home cleanliness is a concern for everyone.

Zinc oxide nano antibacterial fabric, effective prevention of common bacteria nuisance, for themselves and their families to add a safe guard.

Fabric parameters


Model: MJ11 antibacterial / Composition: 100% polyester

Weight: 280GSM / Width: 145cm

This fabric is a functional fabric made by adding nano zinc oxide to the fiber through high-tech processing, and then spinning process, its antibacterial effect is permanent, safe and harmless to human body.

Nano zinc oxide has remarkable antibacterial effect on E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans.

Permanent yarn flame retardant fabric


Surprisingly, Celebrity House is the first to use permanent yarn in the fleece industry, and its newly developed permanent yarn flame retardant fleece is quite interesting in functional fabrics!

Some of you should know that according to the order of adding flame retardant materials, there are two kinds of permanent flame retardant fabrics and finishing flame retardant fabrics.

What's so great about this permanent flame retardant fabric from Celebrity House?

Fabric parameters

Model: 58 series / Composition: 100% polyester  

Weight: 300gsm / Width: 145cm, 280cm



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