Antibacterial fabric new products

2 types of treatment for antibacterial




     Bacteria regeneration and reproduction. At present, there are two mainstream treatment methods in the market: one is the built-in silver ion antimicrobial fabric, using spinning-level antimicrobial technology to do antimicrobial agent directly into the chemical fiber; the other is the post-treatment technology that is added through the subsequent shaping process of the fabric. The post-treatment process is relatively simple and the cost is easy to control according to the specific requirements of customers, and is the most used one in the market. The latest treatment method on the market, such as CKU modified fiber antibacterial fabric, supports its long-lasting, high temperature resistance, etc. After 50 times of washing, it can also reach 99.9% bacteria reduction rate, and 99.3% anti-virus activity rate.


The meaning and purpose of antibacterial



Meaning of antibacterial

Bactericidal: The action of killing microbial nutrients and propagules is called bactericidal.

Bacteriostatic: the effect of preventing or inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms is called bacteriostatic.

Antimicrobial: The total effect of inhibition and sterilization is called antibacterial.

The purpose of antibacterial

Textile fabrics composed of fibers, because of its porous object shape and polymer chemical structure is conducive to microbial adhesion, become a good parasite for microbial survival, reproduction. In addition to the harm to human body, the parasite will also contaminate the fiber, so the main purpose of antibacterial fabrics is to eliminate these adverse effects.



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