Can these 10 innovative functional fabrics really change people's lives?

Let's start with a simple point. I think scientists are also "linguists" sometimes. Maybe they think waterproof, windproof, antifouling and anti X are too long to read, so they directly developed the fabric of "three proofing", such as the famous DuPont "three proofing".

This time, I want to introduce the Layer System. In fact, the Layer System is not a new object. It is not so much a fabric as a functional system. The functional outdoor clothing purchased by everyone is likely to use Layer System, a functional system with 2-Layer, 2.5-Layer, 3-Layer and 4-Layer.

Errolson Hugh personally explained that Gore Tex used in Nike's new ACG series is the 3-Layer system

As the name implies, the surface of clothes with Layer System is overlapped by layers of functional fabrics. Take 2-Layer for example, the layer generally uses nylon or polyester fiber as the protective layer, and the second layer is the backbone of functional effects, such as Gore Tex.


Patagonia 3-Layer GORE-TEX? For example, the 3-layer includes special high-performance GORE-TEX film, which is bonded with tough external materials and specially developed solid lining.

The 3-Layer System fabric developed by Helly Hansen is also excellent, and it is used on the pieces that cooperate with WTAPS.

It is obvious that the 3-Layer system is generally used for functional clothing in the middle and high-end. Of course, the higher the number of floors, the stronger the functional effect, but the price also rose. Perhaps you would say here, what is the relationship between Layer System and innovative fabrics? Then I need to introduce a brand called "7 Layer System".

It is launched by the famous scientific and technological clothing factory KTC, which is famous for its OEM functional clothing brands such as Helly Hansen, Arc'teryx, Y-3, etc. I believe you will understand the straightforward name "7 Layer System", right! Its clothing is composed of seven functional films, but the actual effect can only be judged by the wearer.

We can't forget the fact that the Supreme x The North Face is an outdoor function brand because of its high price. Fortunately, TNF has always been sober, and it has not forgotten its mission.

Even though TNF has plunged into the street trend, it has been pursuing and working hard on the way to innovate technical fabrics, in order to develop more functional fabrics that can change the quality of life.

Thermal insulation and breathability have always been a contradiction. In the past, in order to have thermal insulation, breathability must be abandoned. But now it is different, because TNF has developed a new product called Ventrix? Functional fabric. Ventrix?  It ensures that when we exercise, we can emit extra heat, and at the same time, we have good warmth retention and breathability.

In fact, each outdoor function brand has its own thermal fabric, while Ventrix? The difference is that there are thousands of eyelets on its surface, which will open during exercise to eliminate excess heat and sweat; But when the body remains static, the eyelet will be closed again, so that the clothes can lock the heat, so as to achieve dynamic temperature balance during exercise.

From the original animal hair insulation system, to the unidirectional thermal insulation of synthetic materials, to today's Ventrix, No wonder it is praised as a new stage in the evolution of thermal insulation technology with synthetic materials, so Ventrix? Once launched, it won many awards such as the 2017 ISPO Global Design Gold Award.

Many people use Atom LT technology of Arc'teryx, another famous outdoor brand, to communicate with Ventrix? For comparison

When I was young, I was imagining that Spider Man's spider silk was really that powerful? When I grew up, I learned that spider silk really has an indispensable use value in the scientific field. From the mechanical point of view, the strength of a thin spider silk is greater than that of a steel bar of the same thickness, but what's more, its elasticity and flexibility are far greater than that of nylon.

And the QMONOS I want to introduce? The functional fabric is just a kind of synthetic spider silk fibrin, which has been developed and tested for a long time by Spiber, a Japanese science and technology company. Not long ago, this innovative fabric was applied to The North Face clothing, and a brand named MOON PARKA? A functional coat.

The output of natural spider silk is low, so Spiber must produce artificial spider silk through technological synthesis, so as to cope with mass production when the technology is mature in the future.

Spiber's name is a combination of Spider+Fiber, while QMONOS? The name of the fabric also comes from the Japanese name kumonosu of spider silk

In addition to environmental protection, the flexible and light performance of synthetic spider silk ensures that functional clothing is not easy to tear and wear. However, the manufacturing cost is still very expensive. Apart from heat preservation and waterproof, do we really need to spend sky high prices to buy a piece of clothing that is not easy to tear? This issue should be further explored by Spiber.

Stone Island began to study heat sensitive fabrics from 1988 to 1990. If Stone Island really stepped on the stage of the trend, it would undoubtedly be a classic cooperation with Supreme. Among them, the heat sensitive items that will change colors when meeting different temperatures will open the whole trend circle.

It is worth mentioning that this is Heat Reactive fabric technology, which is an extremely magical heat sensitive material. This material will maintain its primary color (mostly dark color) at 27 ℃, and when the temperature is higher than 27 ℃, the fabric molecules of this material will change.

Naturally, clothes and hats made of Heat Reactive material will change color gradually with the stimulation of human body temperature (normal temperature: 36 ℃), which is very interesting.

In addition to Heat Reactive, I also appreciate the Luminesence technology newly developed by Stone Island, namely cold luminescence.

In the cold winter, many people become very dependent on the "warm baby", and nearby Neighborhood has introduced a cotton padded jacket with extremely warm performance - Neighborhood 17aw Heat Shell.

It is no longer to configure thermal fabric, but to directly place the entire charging and heating system in the clothes, use the USB interface for charging, and just gently point at the heating switch button and press it to start heating. There is no need to worry about the sudden power failure outdoors, as long as you take the charging bank, you can continue the power and heat.

This "humanized" heating cotton padded jacket is actually from the EVHOT Triple Power System developed by a Japanese functional brand EVHOT.

The principle of this heating technology is to add a layer of FX semiconductor into the cotton padded clothes, and the official introduction shows that the thermal energy conversion rate of this conductor is as high as 93% - 99.9%.

I believe that everyone has ever had trouble buying clothes online, that is, they are always uncertain about the size, and it will be even worse if they are not suitable when they get it. And the new technology clothing of the famous Japanese online shopping giant ZOZOTOWN can be said to solve a big online shopping problem.

This set of "ZOZOSUIT" created by ZOZOTOWN and StretchSense, a New Zealand technology company, perfectly solves this vexing problem. This ZOZOSUIT can measure accurate data of 15000 places in the whole body. By wearing this ZOZOSUIT and uploading the data to ZOZOTOWN's website, users can better choose the size you want when shopping.


Qianze Youzuo, CEO of ZOZOTOWN, said: "I hope ZOZOSUIT can be popularized in the world at an amazing speed, just like a weight meter or a thermometer. I also hope ZOZOTOWN can become a clothing enterprise that understands the body shape of customers."

Junya Watanabe once produced a military style coat in 2016, which impressed me deeply, not because of how tough and handsome the military style is, but because the clothes are attached to pieces of solar panels.

Junya Watanabe combines its unique aesthetic with modern scientific and technological elements, and uses high-quality fabrics and fine tailoring to create this windbreaker that can convert solar energy into electricity.

The back and front of the windbreaker are covered with 6 solar panels. At the same time, it is equipped with a hidden power supply, which can store the electricity collected by the solar panel. When the phone is out of power, you can use its built-in data line to charge.

Nemen, from Rome, Italy, is an outdoor sports brand that attaches great importance to functional performance and high-tech application. It has brought very eye-catching cooperation with ACRONYM. The two functional brands have similar concepts, so they hit it off.

What makes Nemen brand famous is undoubtedly that its R&D team has created an amazing LED luminous jacket. This jacket hides 12 advanced integrated LEDs in the fabric, and uses 2 rechargeable batteries to provide power for the LED, which can emit light for 8 hours after each full charge.

The base of the jacket is made of nylon and steel wire. The jacket is covered with miniature LED light emitting diodes. The outer layer is a layer of transparent cloth, which increases the light transmission of LED and creates a visual effect with a sense of future and technology.

In addition, the inner lining of the jacket also uses advanced aluminum coating to increase the warmth retention, so that users can easily cope with cold weather, while also ensuring the insulation of the jacket to a large extent.

Here I'd like to introduce a brand that I think is interesting and has great potential among the ten brands.

Vollebak's slogan is we make the future of adventure gear

Vollebak has only been established for 18 months, but it has gained a reputation in the circle of scientific fabrics.

The famous product is Relaxation Hoodie. As the name implies, this hoodie can relax the wearer.

Once the zipper is closed, "the whole world is yours" is Vollebak's official explanation, and this design can help athletes focus on and relieve tension before the game starts.

The strange design of Relaxation Hoodie undoubtedly makes people think it is a masked superman or a dead man, even BAPE's classic shark hoodie. The function of the two asymmetric pockets is to relieve the emotion and preserve and restore the physical strength when inserting the pockets with both hands.

The founder of Vollebak also brought this Relaxation Hoodie to the famous talk show Tonight Show

In my opinion, Vollebak can not only create "strange" functional clothes that you can not expect, but also try every way to "abuse" and "destroy" your own clothes.

This is the world's tough and wear-resistant Tee

The hoodie named "100 years hoodie" was tied by Vollebak to the back of the mountain bike and pulled for hundreds of thousands of miles. It was even taken to the deep sea and the environment of 300 ℃ and minus 200 ℃ to try to "destroy" it. The result was failure~

This solar sports windbreaker was directly hung in the deep tropical rainforest, and was exposed to the sun and rain day and night~

For the latter kind of fabric, let me say it is simple. I wonder if you have noticed that among the many pieces launched by WTAPS in the 16th quarter, sometimes an anti fire resistance functional fabric is used, that is, fire retardant.

Until now, I haven't figured out the practical role of fireproof fabric in ordinary life. After all, it's not a fireman. The only possibility is that my girlfriend will no longer be afraid of burning her clothes~

In addition, I heard many buyers who bought the fabric WTAPS complain that the so-called fireproof fabric is sticky and easy to tear. So I guess there must be some reason. After only one season of use, Xishanche did not use this fireproof fabric anymore.

After reading this long talk about innovative functional fabrics, I wonder if you have noticed anything?

Yes, do we really need to use these innovative functional fabrics developed by scientists and R&D centers in our daily life? If not, why add these fancy technologies to a simple garment?

This makes me think that functional clothes that stress performance fabrics and street clothes that stress culture are essentially clothes, because some elements have been added to make them produce added value.

In fact, different functional fabrics are like stars in the sky. Even in the same direction, there are many different brand technologies competing.

In my opinion, continuous innovation is necessary, but the premise is to ensure that innovative technology can be applied to the actual needs of consumers, rather than simply "show off skills" or "make special".

At the same time, consumers are more willing to see that in the same industry, brands can further develop their technology to achieve excellence. Think carefully, isn't it the same to be a man?



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