Causes of windmarks on fabrics

Wind print, which is a kind of fabric after printing and finishing in the drying, storage process produced by a kind of coloring noise. Compared with the normal coloring of the finished blank, the place of wind printing will show white or darker gray long finish shadow in the direction of almost all the door width. This kind of noise is not visible before shaping, but will be produced after shaping. So this is simply a fabric nightmare.


  The reason for this situation is as follows: in the case of continuous production of fabric is generally not simple to produce wind marks, and intermittent production, due to the sudden high temperature and pressure, so a lack of attention to produce wind marks. Most of the wind prints of polyester fabric are produced in the link after the cloth is opened after dewatering and before shaping, or at the reciprocal folding print of the stacked fabric car storage. When the situation is serious, there will be almost ten wind marks in the weft direction, and its spacing will be exactly the spacing of this color cotton fabric folded back and forth.

  Generally speaking, the sizing fabric is very simple to produce wind marks, the reason is too much, I will not say much here, but no sizing fabric why there will be wind marks? The reason is as follows: class fabric open width after the placement pending process, reciprocal folding exposed to the air, the flow of air resulting in these parts of the moisture first evaporated air dry. Due to the capillary effect, the free water in other parts will rush to the reciprocal fold. However, the spinning and weaving of antistatic agents, lubricants and coloring post-treatment added leveling agent, cleaning agent, etc., there will still be a small amount of residual in the fabric and the free water carried by the fabric, and most of these additives are non-ionic additives. The same as the principle of dye swimming shift, free water to reciprocal folding, dissolved in the free water residual additives also to the reciprocal folding.

  Wind-printed fabrics

  With the further evaporation of water, the auxiliaries at the reciprocal fold will be much more concentrated than other parts. In the process of high temperature setting, the heat migration of disperse dyestuff from some reciprocal folding parts will be significantly greater than other parts. The reason for the heat migration of disperse dyestuff is that the outer layer of the fiber can be dissolved at high temperatures, and the dyestuff can migrate from the inside of the fiber through the fiber tubules to the surface of the fiber, causing the dyestuff to accumulate on the surface of the fiber and causing a series of effects. Such as color finish change, rubbing, washing, sweat, dry cleaning, sunlight resistance and other dyeing firmness of the decline rapidly. But the fatal impact, is the reciprocal folding place and other normal parts of the severe color finish variability, that is, wind printing.



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