Cotton quality of important indicators of good or bad Markel value

 The macronaire is a measure of the permeability of cotton fibers under specified conditions, expressed in macronaire scales, without units. Macron scale is built on the basis of the set of "international calibration cotton standards" that have been determined by international agreements on their Macron values.


  The cloning value is a composite index of cotton fiber linear density and maturity. The same species of cotton fiber, the greater the macronaire value, that the more mature fiber, the greater the linear density. Macron value and cotton weaving process and yarn quality is closely related. Macron value of high cotton fiber can withstand mechanical shock, easy to remove impurities, into a uniform yarn dry, clean appearance, less defects, finished products made of high rate. But if the Macron value is too high, the fiber natural turn curved less, holding and weak, unit line density yarn fiber root number is less, the yarn strength is low, the Macron value is too low cotton fiber simply produce harmful defects, poor coloring, high breakage rate. International will be 3.5 ~ 4.9 Macron value of cotton fibers as the normal Macron value of cotton fibers. China's fine cotton, long-staple cotton, colored cotton standards will also be 3.7 ~ 4.2 Macron value of cotton fibers as A-class (quality) Macron value of cotton fibers.

  Cotton fiber cloning value is a comprehensive reflection of fiber fineness and maturity, maturity is different, not only will cause changes in fiber performance, and yarn process, quality and fabric quality will also have a great impact, cotton fiber cloning value can be used as a comprehensive index to evaluate the intrinsic quality of cotton fiber, directly affect the fiber color, strength, fineness, naturalness, elasticity, moisture absorption, coloring, etc.; growth period is too long The growth period is too long, too mature lint fiber coarser, not suitable for spinning high-grade cotton yarn, Macron value in the range of 4.1 ~ 4.3 lint, the growth period is shorter, less mature, the relative clothing rate is lower, but the fiber fineness, fiber single higher, into the yarn cross-section fiber root number, high strength, can spin high-grade cotton yarn.


  1, the cloning value in the fine lint cotton standard classification:

  Horse Macron value is divided into A, B, C three levels, B level for the standard level. A-level value range of 3.7-4.2, good quality; B-level value range of 3.5-3.6 and 4.3-4.9; C-level value range of 3.4 and below and 5.0 and above, poor quality. A total of 5 grades, see Table 3-10.

  2. sub-cotton cloning value of the test method

  Acquisition can adopt the method of perception test, perception test results and GB / T6498 test results relative to each other. Markel value is not used as an assessment indicator.

  3. Bales of lint Markel value test method

  (1) from the batch sample, according to the number of 30% of the batch sample randomly selected cloning value test samples, sample by sample test cloning value. Marklone value test method according to GB/T6498 implementation.

  (2) each test sample, according to its clonogenic value to determine the clonogenic value level. Calculate the percentage of the macronaire level, which is a large percentage of the macronaire level as the main body of the cotton macronaire level.

  (3) test results according to the main body of the Macron value level and the percentage of the Macron value level out of the certificate.



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