Digital printed nylon cotton lace fabric

Title: Digital printed nylon cotton lace fabric

Overview: The bottom cloth of this fabric is nylon cotton lace, which is processed by reactive digital printing. The pattern of the fabric is fresh and refined, soft and has good drapability. It is suitable for high-end dress, small waistcoat, hip wrap skirt, or home decoration cloth.


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Lace (English name Lace) was originally introduced from abroad as a kind of clothing fabric. It is a kind of mesh fabric woven with crochet. The fabric is light and has good permeability. Lace fabric is noble, elegant and artistic. It is often used to produce women's personal clothing or as an auxiliary auxiliary material. There are also high-end dresses made of lace.

Lace has many kinds of classification methods, including elastic lace and non elastic lace; By composition: polyester, nylon, nylon cotton, silk cotton lace; According to the production process, it can be divided into car bone lace, embroidery lace, relief lace, French eyelash lace, elastic lace, hook lace, embroidery lace, etc; According to the grade, it can be divided into high-end, middle end and low-end lace. The Rolls Royce of lace is Levis lace. The real French Nuoyang lace is the most ancient and sophisticated lace in the world; High grade handmade lace requires manual operation of equipment, ancient weaving, and pure manual processing. The process is extremely complex. The production cycle is long and the output is low. It is mainly used for international top brands and luxury brands; The ones that stars wear on the red carpet are basically Levi's.


Basic parameters of fabric

Product Name


Gram weight


Nylon cotton printed lace fabric


one hundred and twenty

digital printing




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