Firefighting clothing flame retardant fabric RQ1344-FR

No. Fabric Name Width Weight Range

RQ1344-FR 80%1414+20%13 plaid 59/60" 195 fire service fire retardant fabric


The product is extinguished when it leaves the fire and does not continue to burn.

Remains flame retardant after multiple washing.

Chemical resistance and insect resistance

Low smoke and non-toxic, no irritating odor, it is a green and environmental protection product.

Good handfeel, softer than ordinary polyester, higher color fastness.

Application scope.

It is used in the decoration of hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, schools and hospitals, office buildings, etc. It is also used in the interior decoration of trains, automobiles, airplanes and ships, as well as other .......

Product standards meet the following:

1、Domestic:All products conform to GB202862006 washing resistance flame retardant grade 1 and GB8624 flame retardant grade B1.

2、International flame retardant standards are

French flame retardant standard: NFP92503~505M1

American flame retardant standard: NFPA701, CFR1615/1616, FAR25.853

British flame retardant standards: BS58672A, 2B, BS58153

German flame retardant standard: DIN4102B11




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