How to do well in flame retardant finishing of polyester fabric

How to do well in flame retardant finishing of polyester fabric

At present, polyester fiber is widely used in decorative cloth and other fields due to its high strength, good wear resistance, good resilience and low cost. However, the limiting oxygen index (loi) of polyester fiber is low, only about 20, which belongs to combustible fiber. It is easy to melt and drop when burning, which is very dangerous in fire. Therefore, it needs flame retardant finishing. Flame retardant finishing refers to that after flame retardant treatment, the flammability of polyester fiber is reduced, the burning rate can be significantly delayed during the burning process, and the polyester fiber can quickly self extinguish after leaving the ignition source, so that it has the property of being difficult to burn. Flame retardant finishing is convenient and flexible, with simple process, low cost and good flame retardant effect. It is suitable for the production of various polyester flame retardant fabrics.


Flame retardant is a kind of high efficient flame retardant of polyester that can endow the flame retardancy of polyester fabric. Its flame retardancy is excellent. Only a low amount of flame retardant can endow polyester fabric with excellent flame retardancy, and there is no afterburning or smoldering phenomenon; After flame retardant finishing, the original strength and handle of polyester will not be affected, and the stability is good, basically without discoloration, bleeding and sticking; Good washability, good flame retardancy after 50 times of washing. The finishing agent has the advantages of simple use process, convenient operation and less harsh conditions, and can be used on conventional sizing equipment.

The flame retardancy complies with GB/T5455-1997 Vertical Method for Textile Burning Performance Test, BS EN533 Safety Requirements for Flame Retardancy Test and other standards, and is widely used in non-woven fabrics, webbing, felt, automotive interior, aviation interior and other fields.



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