Methods for selecting flame retardant protective clothing

Methods for selecting flame retardant protective clothing

1. Check: check whether the inner and outer packages of the flame retardant protective clothing, the trademark marks and the safety signs of special labor protection articles are complete and correct, and whether the instructions for washing, maintenance and care are attached.

2. Look: check the appearance of flame retardant protective clothing, and the surface should be free of defects, breakage and sewing defects. The flame retardant work clothes shall be of the three tight structure of collar, cuffs and hem to avoid injuries caused by hot objects or sparks. Open pockets shall be provided with covers to avoid storing splashed metal or sparks. The ventilation holes reserved for heat dissipation should be located under the armpit, on the back, and on the inside of the crotch to prevent foreign bodies from entering.


3. Touch: Flame retardant protective clothing with good quality feels soft and does not irritate the skin.

4. Smell: some unqualified flame retardants have certain toxicity and a certain pungent smell. Take out and smell the flame retardant protection in the packaging bag, and there should be no odor or pungent smell.

5. Test: First, try the bags and decorations of flame retardant protective clothing, which should not affect the normal work; 2. Whether it is convenient and fast to try on and take off and whether it can be taken off quickly.

The flame retardant protective clothing produced by the municipal textile industry has a variety of styles, such as one-piece suit, suspenders, jacket, shirt, flame retardant jeans, etc.



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