New antibacterial fabrics help fight the epidemic

"Hello, Professor Lu! Our school-enterprise joint research and development products 'copper, zinc fiber antibacterial fabric' used in children's sunscreen clothing sample test report came out, the results are the same as our expected effect, antibacterial rate of about 99%!" Yesterday afternoon at about 4 pm Dong Bo contacted the visiting scholar in Germany, Zhejiang University of Technology, Professor Lv Wang Yang, deputy director of the Institute of Fiber Materials Engineering, and he exchanged information on the progress of product development.



Enterprises in 2018 and Zhejiang University of Technology Professor Lv Wang Yang's scientific research team to carry out research and development cooperation since, in copper, zinc antibacterial fiber research and development has a qualitative breakthrough, and in the beginning of this year, successfully declared the emergency science and technology plan project science and technology research and development and application of key technologies for efficient inactivation of new coronavirus special protective fabrics. application.

 It is understood that the two sides jointly developed copper, zinc antibacterial fiber project through the key technology research, design and synthesis of a new composite antibacterial anti-virus functional particles, and the use of shaped spinneret hole spinning prepared with excellent moisture absorption, perspiration, quick-drying performance of antibacterial anti-virus fiber. The fabric passed the authoritative test of CNAS certified testing organization - Guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center in March this year, and the samples sent for testing have reached AAA grade standard in terms of antibacterial performance.


Next step

  The university and the enterprise will continue to optimize and enhance the functional characteristics of antibacterial anti-virus fiber, and complete the development and market application of the fiber material with new copper, zinc or metal complexes used in the catalytic composite function to efficiently inactivate the new coronavirus special protective fabric as the composite anti-virus functional particles at an early date, and increase the research on the preparation technology of the anti-virus catalytic functional particles and the evaluation of the anti-virus effect of the heterogeneous catalytic composite fiber and antiviral mechanism.



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