Permanent flame retardant fabric

Permanent flame retardant fabric

With the improvement of people's requirements for a healthy and safe home environment, as well as the improvement of the national acceptance standards for fire protection performance of public place building decoration and rigid requirements, environmentally friendly and flame retardant healthy and safe decoration materials will become inevitable. As we all know, home textile fabrics are flammable, so how do our flame retardant fabrics achieve the "flame retardant" effect?

Flame retardant fabric refers to the cloth that can automatically extinguish when leaving the open fire, namely, it will burn when meeting the fire, and it will stop when leaving the fire.


According to GB50222-95 Code for Fire Protection in Design of Interior Decoration of Buildings, decorative materials can be divided into four levels according to their combustion performance: Class A incombustibility; Class B1 flame retardancy; Class B2 flammability; Class B3 Flammability. Therefore, only fabrics that reach Grade A and B1 can be called flame retardant fabrics. At present, in addition to the non textile fabrics that can reach Class A flame retardant, the high grade of flame retardant textile fabrics is Class B1.


Among them, flame retardant fabrics can be divided into two types:

1) Flame retardant fabric after finishing

That is to say, after treatment flame retardant fabric is produced through coating or auxiliary soaking treatment during dyeing and finishing, and the flame retardant effect will gradually weaken after washing


2) Intrinsic flame retardant fabric (permanent flame retardant fabric)

It means that the original fabric is made of permanent flame retardant fabric, while our flame retardant curtain fabric is made of flame retardant materials combined with modern special curtain manufacturing process. Due to cost and technology, disposable flame retardant curtains were more popular earlier. With the improvement of people's lives and the development of technology, the appearance of permanent flame retardant curtains has become more and more popular.

Various building fire accidents and decoration pollution accidents frequently appeared in the media, and sounded the alarm bell for environmental protection and safety decoration time and again. The national fire inspection and acceptance of indoor decoration in public places has been gradually strengthened and mandatory, and people's demands for environmental protection and safety decoration of their own living environment are getting higher and higher. As the main material of indoor decoration, environment-friendly and flame retardant materials will certainly become the next air outlet for home building materials and soft decoration, and this air outlet has been opened.



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