Textile people you know the width, then you know the width of the well?

The width is the actual width of the fabric, the distance between the warp yarns on the outer edges of the two lateral sides of the fabric, also known as the width of the door. The width of the door is also called the fabric seal, the fabric seal is called around Guangdong, the width of the door is called around the Yangtze River Delta.

  How to understand the width of the fabric?

  The width is the actual width of the fabric, the distance between the warp yarns on the outer edge of both sides of the fabric transversely, also known as the door width. The width of the door is also called the cloth seal, the cloth seal is the name of the Guangdong area, the door width is the name of the Yangtze River Delta area. Now understand it, used to indicate the width of the fabric of the domestic statement there are three main: width, width, cloth seal. General domestic units of fabric width in inches or centimeters.

  General fabric factory sells the cloth for the edge to edge width, and workwear factory with the fabric will require understanding of the fabric can be cut width, can be cut width is the fabric in the finishing production available range.

  Cuttable width = edge-to-edge width - 2 inches.

  Wide width means the fabric is 2.3~2.35 meters wide, narrow width means the fabric is 1.5~1.6 meters wide. Generally speaking, the wide width of the sheets and covers made without splicing, most of them will be in the bag in a prominent place to indicate "full width", narrow width in the sheets and covers are definitely spliced. Most people like the wide width (especially the elderly who have suffered, because the patchwork always makes people feel the lack of food and clothing economic tension. However, I have seen a lot of crushed flowers and crushed square patchwork do the bedding very British manor style, very beautiful), the same quality of the wide fabric may also cost a little higher.

  Fabric width size of the factors affecting.

  1. the thicker the count of yarn, the larger the width will be.

  2. the heavier the weight of the finished product per square meter, the smaller the width will be.

  3. The larger the horizontal shrinkage, the larger the width of the door; (the general effect is very small, only 2-3CM up and down)

  4. The structure of the needle will make the door width increase, while the flat needle will make the door width smaller.

  At present, the market on the fabric width of the standard common 36 inches, 44 inches, 56-60 inches, etc., respectively, called narrow, medium and wide, higher than 60 inches of the fabric for the extra wide width, generally often called wide cloth, today, the effective width of our extra wide fabric can reach 360 cm.



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