The main applications of UV protection fiber in protective clothing

In the fiber, yarn and fabric added UV shielding agent and made of anti-UV textiles, the UV protection ability is significantly improved, its UV shielding rate can generally reach more than 90%, some even in more than 99%. At present, with UV protection function of polyester class, wool class, hemp class, silk class, etc. has become a super good raw material for the downstream textile industry. The application target of anti-UV fabrics is summer women's clothing mainly in blouses, cover-ups and skirts. Young ladies are very fond of these products to avoid strong UV rays from tanning their skin, not only clothing, sun hats, high socks, etc. are also popular because of additional anti-UV functions. At the same time, UV-protective fabrics are also used to make men's clothing, sportswear and casual clothing is often worn outdoors, UV-resistant sportswear as well as casual clothing (including swimwear, tennis shirts, golf clothing, ski shirts, T-shirts, etc.) is another hot spot in the market.


UV-protective occupational clothing has more practical value. The UV-protective protective clothing produced by the city textile is mainly used for workwear needed for operations in the outdoors, such as field work clothes, fishing work clothes, agricultural work clothes, etc. This kind of protective clothing needs to have strong anti-UV function, which can make the skin of people working under the hot sun to be protected. UV protective clothing can effectively protect the torso from industrial UV damage, and is widely used in industries such as semiconductor, electronics, photoelectricity, pharmaceutical, food, large welding, and ray laboratory.




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