There is no hemp in hemp yarn, there is no snow in chiffon, what are hemp yarn and chiffon?

 The end of the party has been out of the party, but the climate is still very hot, the beauty of the ladies still wear a beautiful flowing dress. Chiffon and linen these two fabrics are often used in the fabric of women's clothing, but also most female consumers are familiar with the fabric. So what fabrics are linen and chiffon? What is the difference between the two?


  Hemp yarn is the cloth surface longitudinal thin cotton fabric with fine stripe weaving pattern, most of the pure cotton yarn weaving, but also with cotton and hemp blended chemical fiber fabric yarn weaving, there are polyester / cotton, polyester / hemp, dimension / cotton and other blended chemical fiber fabric hemp yarn. Hemp yarn is named because it is as cool as hemp, and is one of the main varieties of spring and summer clothing, with the characteristics of cool and breathable.

  There are many kinds of linen yarn, such as bleaching, coloring, printing, jacquard, color weaving, etc. It is suitable for men and women to make shirts and children's clothes and pants, including skirt fabric, as well as handkerchiefs and decorative goods cloth are available. Linen yarn can be divided into general linen yarn and fancy linen yarn according to the organization structure.

  General linen yarn generally adopts the weft heavy flat organization, warp yarn with 18 ~ 13, weft density than the warp density of 10% ~ 15% higher, so that the surface of the cloth in the direction of the obvious straight stripe road. And fancy hemp yarn, is the use of fabric organization changes, or with different numbers of warp yarn and changes in the arrangement of warp yarn woven, there are changes in hemp yarn, wicker hemp yarn, different warp hemp yarn and other varieties.

  In recent years there is also a new hemp yarn, called nano hemp yarn, which is a new hemp fabric, the nano process into the hemp sense yarn fabric made. Than the conventional mess chiffon has a better pulling endurance, not simply pulling, not easy to penetrate the flesh, with a unique cool, natural feel and softness. And also has a certain water repellent properties.


  Chiffon is a light and transparent fabric, the original is a silk fabric woven with strong twist crepe warp, crepe weft. Chiffon its texture is light and transparent, feel soft and elastic, light and elegant appearance, with good breathability and drapability, wearing flowing, comfortable. Georgette light, heavy, thick, thin, transparency and silk crepe shrinkage effect. Generally applied to the summer ladies wear skirt or bottom shirt and so on.

  Chiffon is a silk products in the yarn (not spinning) products, the name comes from the English Chiffon transliteration, meaning light and transparent fabric, with fabric light, transparent, soft, flowing characteristics. In recent years, due to the rapid progress of chemical fiber technology, gradually by the "chemical fiber" instead of the original "silk".

  Generally speaking, the simulation silk chiffon into 100% polyester (chemical fiber), texture characteristics of thin, soft, natural drape, skin feeling good, but simulation silk chiffon because it is pure chemical fiber, cleaning many times is not easy to lose color, not afraid of exposure to the sun, easy to take care of (machine washable), firmness is also better.

  And silk chiffon fabric composition is 100% mulberry silk, thin and transparent texture, wearing flowing, comfortable, cool and breathable, strong moisture absorption, these are the simulation of silk chiffon can not reach. But silk chiffon fabric also has some shortcomings, such as: after washing more simple gray lighter, can not be exposed to the sun (will be yellow), not easy to take care of (need to hand wash), firmness is not good (easy taut yarn, stitching easy to tear).

  The difference between linen yarn and chiffon

  On the raw material, chiffon is its raw material with jojoba yarn (now commonly have simulation silk chemical fiber filament), and linen yarn is its raw material with pure cotton yarn, or cotton and linen mix, these two on the raw material is not the same. In the weaving method, linen yarn mainly to weft heavy flat tissue weaving method, chiffon is to be arranged according to 2S, 2Z interlocking, to plain tissue interlacing method to weave. However, both have a fine texture, thin, cool and smooth characteristics.



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