Types of flame retardant fabrics

Types of flame retardant fabrics

At present, the flame-retardant fibers used in the domestic and foreign markets mainly include aramid, flame-retardant acrylic, flame-retardant viscose, flame-retardant polyester, flame-retardant vinylon, etc. In addition to excellent flame retardancy, the most famous feature of flame retardant fabrics produced with these fibers is their strong washing resistance. Because they are flame retardant fibers, ordinary industrial washing will not affect their flame retardancy, and they are called permanent flame retardant fabrics.

Flame retardant products produced with flame retardant fibers have the following characteristics:


1. Excellent permanent flame retardant and fireproof performance, washing and friction will not affect the flame retardant performance.

2. Good safety, low smoke release and no toxic gas release in case of fire.

3. With conventional fiber as the carrier, it does not produce hazardous elements and meets the environmental requirements.

4. Good thermal insulation, providing all-round thermal protection.

5. The fabric has the moisture absorption and desorption properties of conventional fibers, and has the characteristics of soft, comfortable, breathable, warm and so on.

6. The flame retardant finishing is mainly used for cotton or low proportion chemical fiber fabrics, and the flame retardant fibers take various chemical fibers as carriers, giving full play to the excellent performance of various chemical fibers.


Flame retardant fabrics have a wide range of applications, which can be used to make protective clothing, special functional clothing, and are widely used in the military, fire protection, oil, electricity, natural gas, metallurgy, machinery, mining, chemical, aviation, shipping and other industries; Making general clothes, especially children's clothes, pajamas, etc; Making household and hotel decoration products, such as carpets, curtains, bedding, etc; Industrial machines cover cloth, tents, etc.



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