Washing and Maintenance of Printed Fabrics

Printed fabrics refer to patterns or patterns printed and dyed on textiles, which attract much attention due to their diversity and fashion sense.


How to clean the printed fabric?

First soak a corner of the printed fabric, and then wipe the printing area with a white cloth. If the white cloth is dyed, it indicates that the printing is faded.

1. Be sure to wash correctly, do not soak, use cold water alone for rinsing, and then pack and dehydrate to dry. In case of color bleeding, rinse thoroughly again immediately.

2. If possible, it can be sent for dry cleaning.

3. If you accidentally get edible oil, you can scrub it with detergent as soon as possible; For industrial oil stains, scrub them with pine perfume or gasoline, and then rinse them with detergent and clear water (never use hot water).



How to maintain printed fabrics?

Salt water immersion method: It is most suitable for the fading problem of colored clothes. If there is slight fading, you can soak the clothes in light salt water for ten minutes before washing them in the water each time. If you persist, the clothes will never fade again.

Anti airing method: most of the fabrics cannot be directly exposed to the sun, because ultraviolet ray is the culprit of clothes fading, so we should not only air them in reverse, but also try to avoid shade and ventilation.


Precautions for washing printed fabric:

The printing series can be used and maintained normally. The color of pure cotton will fade after it is put into the water, which is normal. Please wash it by hand. The printed and dyed prints have a taste. It is good to dry them in the sun or in the air. They all have a normal taste. Many of them are machine washed or put into the washing powder bubble, causing the printing to fade.

Bleaching water, bleach and 84 disinfectant all have the function of bleaching. Clothes in different colors must be used with caution. Color bleach can be used for white and color clothes. It has the function of washing and protecting color. Bleached clothes are best soaked in a softener for a few minutes.

Washing powder now generally contains phosphorus and has bleaching function, which will reflect with the printing and cause the printing to fall off.



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