What are the causes of holes in the dyeing and finishing?

 I. There are several reasons for the holes caused in dyeing and finishing.

  (1) is the high amount of acid-oxygen water.

  (2) More iron ions in the water quality.

  (3) If the holes have regularity, there are problems in the equipment.

  (4) improper "temperature + time" parameters.

  (5) bleaching holes, in most cases caused by the reaction of hydrogen peroxide and iron ions.

  (6) Excessive purity of hydrogen peroxide and alkali.

  (7) pre-treatment and coloring whether there is the addition of water softeners, may use the water metal ion content is too high.

  (8) heavy metal ions caused by the rapid local decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, causing holes.

  Second, the peroxide bleaching causes holes in the analysis.

  (1) bleaching before the cloth stained with copper, iron and other heavy metal ions oil stains; or bleaching process and copper, iron and other equipment contact.

  (2) The concentration of hydrogen peroxide is too high, and the steam time after bleaching is too long or overheated steam is used.

  (3) Before bleaching, if this color cotton cloth is finished with silk, due to the silk finish after washing is not clean and uneven, so that the cloth surface PH value is too high, with alkali amount of local excess.

  (4) Improper selection of stabilizer or poor stabilization effect of stabilizer, resulting in accelerated decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

  All of the above points may cause holes in the fabric, but the heavy metal ions are more harmful.



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