What is Ice Wire?

We all know what silk is, but what is ice silk? Many people do not quite understand, some people think ice silk is a material name, some people understand him as a chemical fiber, in fact, ice silk is just a product called, because the woven fabric is relatively cool, named ice silk.


Summer - Ice silk


The name "ice silk" means that it is cold and cool, and it is also cool to wear ice silk clothes, which is especially suitable for summer wear.

However, the name "ice silk" does not have a national or international standard, but is just a selling point for businesses.

Washing label can be written in the name of the product ice silk, but in the fabric composition can only write "viscose fiber" or "plant cellulose fiber" and the addition of some blended fiber names, such as "polyester " or "spandex".


Icy Silk - Raw materials


Cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other kinds belong to natural fiber raw materials, polyester, nylon, acrylic and other belong to chemical fiber raw materials, these are more familiar, and ice silk, Tencel, Modal these also belong to raw materials.

Ice silk is the trade name of a chemical fiber, to be precise, is a modified viscose fiber. So what is viscose fiber? The image is to say that the wood pulp, cotton and other plant fibers with chemicals dissolved into a very good viscosity similar to the glue solution, and then through a chemical reaction to precipitate plant fibers and pulled into a short pile or filament, short pile called "rayon", filament called "rayon", the main component of the ice is this rayon.

Therefore, ice silk and cotton, like natural fibers of plant components, has the characteristics and qualities of cotton, silk feel and light.

Ice Silk - Advantages and Disadvantages

Pros: The moisture content of ice silk is most in line with the physiological requirements of human skin, with smooth and cool, moisture permeable and breathable, anti-static, anti-UV, gorgeous colors, silky feel, with the general drape and shape retention of real silk.

Disadvantages: easier to dirty, easy to stain, long time washing will not wash off, slightly worse strength after wet, will become hard after several washes, need to add softener, acid resistance and alkali resistance than cotton is poor, to use neutral softener gentle washing.

In order to overcome these shortcomings, the market is now popular ice silk fabric for modified polyester fabric or nylon fabric or spandex, more advanced fabrics will also add some finishing additives on top of this, increasing its strength, elasticity and quick-drying, to make up for its easy wrinkling and shrinkage rate of the shortcomings. It is also more and more popular among consumers.

Ice silk - silk - cotton

Compared with cotton, both have good moisture absorption and breathability, are non-irritating to the skin of the green health fabric, if it is to do summer clothing, ice silk is more suitable for some, its coolness is stronger than cotton, if it is spring and autumn or winter underwear, cotton will feel more warm and comfortable.

Ice silk compared with silk mulberry silk, in the suspension



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