What is flocked fabric

 What is flocked fabric?

  Flocked fabric is the so-called flocked fabric, which is made of various kinds of fabric as the backing, planted with nylon or viscose fluff on the front, and then baked and washed to make it rich in fluff, soft to the touch, bright color and chic style, which has won the favor of consumers.


  The flocked fabric recently appeared has more than 80 kinds of varieties such as printing, color grid and wicker. The effective width of the fabric surface to 150cm mainly, now the market transaction price is high and low, high 18.00 yuan / m, low only in 7.00-8.00 yuan / m. This fabric is widely used, it is not only the ideal fabric for making winter ladies' suits, skirts and children's clothes, but also widely used in the field of home textiles, mainly used for sofas, cushions, cushions and other cloths.

  Knitted flocked fabric can also be used to make scarves, which are warm and enjoyable for middle-aged and elderly women, and although the amount of fabric used per article is lower than that of workwear, it is widely demanded and enjoyed by men, women and children. With the improvement and renewal of flocking technology, flocked decorative cloth will definitely have great potential in the future. It is estimated that after the climate turns cold, the sales prospect of flocked fabric is good.


  Easy to decontaminate electrostatic flocking fabric

  According to the different flocking products, choose the appropriate flocking method, which is generally divided into three kinds.

  I. Flocking machine line type flocking.

  The flocking assembly line can realize the fully automatic completion of gluing, flocking, drying and flocking removal from the goods, such as flocking cloth, leather, paper, non-woven fabric, PVC, plastic absorbing sheet, sponge, various crafts, toys, car plastic parts, storage boxes, car sealing tape, trim, plastic absorbing box, cardboard, calendar, couplet, New Year's painting, packaging gift box flocking printing.

  Second, box flocking.

  Make flocking box according to the size and shape of flocked products, place the flock in the box, connect the power, so that a high-voltage electric field is formed in the flocking box, and the flocked products are sent into the box from one end of the flocking box, and after three to five seconds, the flocked products are removed from the other end of the box after the flocking is finished, and dried or air-dried to be the finished products.

  3、Nozzle type flocking.

  Connect to the power supply, through the flocking machine generated by tens of thousands of party of high-voltage electrostatic, output to the nozzle, the nozzle in the flock with a negative charge, and then sprayed on the surface of the planted body adhesive, move the nozzle close to the flocked object, the flock under the action of high-voltage electric field from the nozzle to the surface of the flocked object, planted in a vertical shape on the surface of the object coated with adhesive.


  Advantages of flocked fabric.

  1、Stand body feeling, bright color, soft touch, luxury and noble, gorgeous and warm, realistic image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat preservation and moisture-proof, friction-resistant, flat and gap-free.

  2, flocked fabric material breathability, firmness is very good, commonly used in home decorative fabric (sofa, stool, cushion, etc.) bedding, etc.

  3、Flocking fabric has very strong dust absorption performance.

  4、Flocked fabric has rich velvet surface, soft handfeel, bright color and chic style, which has won the favor of consumers.

  The difference between flocked and combed cotton.

  1、The method of fixing short fibers (length is generally 0.03 - 0.5cm) vertically on the substrate coated with adhesive is called flocking. Combed cotton is a new type of fabric with various functions and a wide range of uses. The main varieties available in the market are: set grid, full elasticity, nylon, tiger, etc.

  2、The principle of flocking is to make use of the physical property that electric charges repel each other and attract each other, so that the flock is negatively charged. When the object to be flocked is placed under zero potential or grounded condition, the flock is attracted by the plant body with different potential and accelerates vertically to the surface of the object to be flocked, and because the plant body is coated with adhesive, the flock is stuck vertically to the plant body.

  3、Flocking features: strong sense of station body, bright color, soft touch, luxury and noble, gorgeous and warm, realistic image, non-toxic and tasteless, heat preservation and moisture-proof, no flocking, friction resistance, flat and gapless. Combed cotton has the advantages of soft hand, strong drape, novel style, good water resistance, etc., cloth mask nylon silk finish sense effect, and soft color, cloth body soft, breathable, comfortable to wear, easy to wash and quick dry, mostly used as shirts, casual wear and pajamas, etc.

  How to clean flocked clothing?

  1, when cleaning flocked cloth workwear to be separated from other clothing, and soaking moment is not expected to be too long, the detergent and solution to stop evenly, and then soak the clothes, otherwise it will make the clothes fade unevenly.

  2, most of the summer clothing is relatively thin, and flocked cloth is not very good wrinkle resistance, the usual washing good water temperature 30 degrees -35 degrees, soak a few minutes, but not too long, after washing should not be wrung out, cool in a ventilated shade, not in the sun under the sun to prevent fading.

  3、It is recommended to use acidic scrubbing supplies to make it reach neutralization effect. If you use the flocking cloth special detergent that will be particularly good. Other summer clothing is necessary to wash and change (usually once every three days), so that sweat will not be retained in the workwear.

  4, most of the flocked cloth workwear is a single collar, compared to thin, you prevent the brush when washing, and do not rub hard, cool the body and collar after finishing well, to prevent the warp. The collar of the clothes can not be scrubbed horizontally, do not wring after washing, direct drying trigram. Do not expose to the sun, do not expose to the high temperature.

  Flocking, velvet, fleece, what is the difference?

  Pile is the lining of the fabric is like a sweatshirt inside the lining of the same velvet, feel a little like a thin blanket like fabric, very soft, very comfortable.

  Because of the different ways to group fleece, the materials used are different, so the variety of fleece is different, to return to the Na is not a simple matter. In order to facilitate the choice of use, here in accordance with the different functions to be classified. Outdoor fleece can be used to achieve the following functions: warmth, wind resistance, light weight, quick dry, wear-resistant, extended, easy to compress, easy care, anti-static, water repellent, etc., most of the common outdoor fleece used to achieve one or more of these functions, so if the subdivision is still a lot, here in accordance with the main function is simplified into two categories, one is warmth; second is wind resistance. In fact, fleece is often a combination of multifunctional, just to facilitate the selection of reference, a rough classification.



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