What is polyester fabric?

Life is popular with a variety of styles of clothing, people have to deal with clothing fabric products at all times, we all care about the fabrics used in clothing, because different fabrics have different grades and effects, and the comfort of wearing them is also different. So do you know what kind of fabric is polyester?


What is polyester fabric?

Polyester is actually what we commonly call polyester, that polyester fabric is also polyester fabric, polyester is widely used in clothing fabrics, because it has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and dimensional stability, good insulation properties, and a particularly wide range of uses, suitable for men, women and children's clothing. For example, polyester sun finish fabric is also popular in the market now, such fabric has a lot of excellent, sun shade, breathable finish, ventilation, heat insulation, shade finish, fireproof, moisture-proof, easy to clean and other characteristics, is a particularly good fabric for clothing manufacturing is very popular with modern people.




Polyester and cotton which is good

Some people think that cotton is good, and some people think that polyester is environmentally friendly. The same material that is woven into the fabric is made into different things with different results.

Polyester fiber is often called polyester, often do casual pants commonly used fabric, but polyester breathable is not good, simple feel stuffy, does not belong to the high-grade fabric. In today's global route of environmental protection, also commonly used in autumn and winter fabrics, but not easy to do underwear. Production cost is lower than cotton. Polyester is acid-resistant. Washing with neutral or acidic detergent, using alkaline detergent will make the fabric aging faster. Other, polyester material fabric generally will not require ironing, low temperature steam light ironing on. Because no matter how many times ironing and cotton, the same, water will wrinkle.


Now the market is also popular polyester sun finish fabric, such a fabric has a lot of excellent, sun shade, breathable finish, ventilation, heat insulation, shade finish, fire, moisture, easy to clean and other characteristics, is a particularly good fabric, used in the manufacture of clothing is very popular with modern people.

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