Yarn prices rose with the cotton and limited room for profit

Spinning yarn: market trading atmosphere is better, combed yarn, compact spinning yarn, high count yarn volume has been enlarged, the shipments are general, negotiation concession space is limited, some scale manufacturers better quality spinning yarn prices have moderate concessions. Driven by the strong rise in cotton, the price of conventional pure cotton yarn rose slightly in a stable manner, the goods are still relatively smooth, Shengze C32S offer 18,900 yuan / ton, the price center of gravity has a hundred yuan up. Nantong cotton yarn prices also showed a small increase in the situation, C40S rapier price of 20,500 yuan / ton with a ticket, C40S jet price 21,500 yuan / ton, sales are relatively smooth, some manufacturers reflect the current orders shipped to the middle of May or so. Long-staple cotton floral yarn is generally in stock, the price basically maintained, a plant in Anhui compact spinning JC80SD50% long-staple cotton offer 46,500 yuan / ton, according to the old customer orders production and delivery. Shandong Changyi pure polyester yarn offer Stable, the general atmosphere of trading, 32S Dahua mainstream offer 11,000 yuan / ton, 32S imitation Dahua mainstream offer near 9300 yuan / ton.


    This color cotton cloth/fabric: cotton cloth in general, orders slightly increased, some large factories reflect the order to the end of May or so, the large factory opening relatively okay, there is a small increase in the trend, at about 70-80%, but the long list is still relatively lacking, and quality specifications are gradually converted with the climate, light summer fabrics to good. Most specifications prices are relatively stable, a factory in Gaomi C 40x40 133x72 63 "flat fabric offer 6.50 yuan / m, a factory in Henan JC 60x60 90x88 64 "flat fabric offer 5.50 yuan / m.        



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