Children's antibacterial fabrics and you "child" line

Antibacterial jacket for children

 Step 1: What is an antibacterial jacket? 


 Antibacterial jacket is made of intelligent antibacterial fabric

Safe and healthy smart antibacterial fabric, with silver ions cover the surface of the fabric to form a smart antibacterial protection layer, to create a guardian "shield" for children.

  The second step: the characteristics of antibacterial fabrics? 


 Smart antibacterial fabric is made of Blum 100% Australian cotton, growing in a zero-pollution environment, each is as soft, clean and flawless. The A+ spinning/weaving equipment used in production selects the best of the best from the selected Australian cotton to create a soft and skin-friendly fabric, each piece is comfortable, natural and breathable.

 Antibacterial fabric textile process using water soft cotton finishing process, to give the fabric with excellent luster and delicate soft feel, soft as "second skin" like light and delicate, children wear comfortable, you also feel at ease.

 The antibacterial fabric is endowed with an intelligent antibacterial system, the world's first and only water-based silver-polymer delivery system. The system can deliver silver ions (non-metallic silver) to the surface of the fabric, so that after the silver ions on the surface layer are consumed, the silver ions in the inner layer of the fabric automatically move to the surface layer to fill in, maintaining a stable antibacterial performance. Without knowing, we have to give our children good gifts!

  Step 3: What are the practical scenarios of antibacterial fabrics?



First, let's review

What are the "adverse reactions" of children's growth?

01. Children sweat easily, clothes often stink

 The patented technology controls odor-generating microorganisms and inhibits the production of various metabolic enzymes, thus providing a durable and sustainable refreshing experience.

Sweat odor quickly away

Return the child's sense of freshness!

02. Children love to roll and crawl, easy to catch unknown bacteria


 Smart lasting antibacterial, fabric by 50 times frequent washing, antibacterial performance is still greater than 99%, antibacterial effect is still in line with the national "FZ/T 73023 antibacterial knitted products" "AAA grade standard", can effectively inhibit a variety of common life bacteria, such as: E. coli, staphylococcus, Candida albicans.

 Even in the case of high temperature or the use of bleach silver ions will not be detached from the surface of the fabric or degradation, and will not fade, giving you continued double peace of mind, embrace clean life.

No more worries about

Bacteria stalking children!

03. Children's skin is delicate and very sensitive to poor quality fabrics


 The fabric antibacterial hangtags are authorized by DuPont and have been rigorously tested by DuPont laboratories, unique global five safety certification, absolutely safe and reliable. Breathability and perspiration, the fabric is soft and skin-friendly, 360 ° care for children's skin.

Children's growth period of "adverse reactions"

Smart antibacterial fabric all taken care of!

"Product information

Product advantages: delicate, soft, breathable

 Natural cotton weaving friction is not easy to static electricity, skin-friendly, fit without constraint feeling garment fully highlight the human body curve, light and breathable, feel fine smooth, smooth texture, high anti-pilling, wear-resistant wear. Suitable for all kinds of men and women casual T-shirt, pajamas, fashion, bottoming shirt, home wear.

The grass, the breeze, the sunshine

She loves to play soccer, soccer gives her happiness

I give him good protective clothing

Antibacterial jacket, not only clothes, but also mother's love.    

Antibacterial jacket mother's love title

Protective clothing plus, guarding every moment of the child



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