The difference between the front and back side of the fabric

(1) the general fabric front pattern, color and luster are clearer than the reverse beautiful.

(2) with stripes outside the view of the fabric and color matching pattern fabric, its front pattern is necessarily clear and pleasing.

(3) convex strip and convex fabric, the front is close and delicate, with stripes or pattern convex pattern; and the reverse is rougher, with longer floating long line.

(4) pile fabric: single-sided pile fabric, pile side of the front. Double-sided pile fabric, the pile is smooth and neat side for the front of the woven fabric.

(5) observe the fabric side of the fabric, the fabric side is clean, neat side for the front of the fabric.

(6) double, multi-layer fabrics, such as the front and back of the warp and weft density is different at the same time, the general front has a greater density or the front of the better raw materials.


(7) leno fabric: clear pattern, twisted warp prominent side for the front.

(8) towel fabric: terry density side for the front.

(9) printing fabric: clear pattern, color is more bright side for the front.

(10) the whole piece of fabric: except for export products, where the paste with instructions (trademark) and stamped with the factory inspection seal is generally the reverse side.

Most of the fabrics, the front and back of the obvious difference, but there are many woven fabrics are very similar to the front and back, both sides can be applied, so this type of fabric may not be forced to distinguish between the front and back.




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