1200D Polyester DOBBY OXFORD Fabric

1600D*1200D Polyester DOBBY OXFORD Fabric

Product Details

NO. :       CH00246-17

Item Name : 1680D Polyester DOBBY OXFORD Fabric

Specication : 1600D*1200D

Composition :100% polyester

Width :     57/58 INCH

Weight :    312G/SM

Color:      Blue

Packing :    Rolls with polybag

After-Finishing :  PA, PU, PVC,silver coating, white coating, warter-proof, F/R,UV, calendering, coater, paste-dot and so on




Contact: Jeanne yang(MISS)

Phone: 13912652341

E-mail: jeanneyang2005@163.com

Add: Room A2216/A2217,Double-Star Building,No 567 New South Middle Road, KunShan City JiangSu Province ,China.

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