Big hot denim, new ecological denim printing technology!

Ecological non-pollution, fine pattern

The company innovated the design of environmentally friendly denim fabric, using white embryo fabric to print any pattern of denim, washing without color loss, truly ecological pollution-free. The technology is applicable to cotton, linen, silk, wool high fineness printing at the same time can also be widely used in clothing, apparel, home textiles, outdoor leisure products and other products.


Cotton digital transfer printing process can print a variety of fine patterns, the process will be denim grain, style, pattern and denim process effect by transfer printing directly on cotton, rayon, Tencel and other white blank cloth, so as to achieve or even far exceed the effect of traditional denim.

The whole process is mechanized, greatly reducing the previous denim process

Each link no longer uses the traditional process of spraying, grinding, washing and other manual operations, the whole process of mechanized operation, a large reduction in the use of manpower, reducing processing costs, while providing a good working environment for employees.


Eco-denim is not a color woven fabric, it remains natural fiber in nature on the side close to the skin, and the skin will not suffer long-term damage due to chemical residues.

The denim fabric made by this process does not require subsequent processes such as abrasion, bleaching, cat whiskers and bayonet. The production process is simple, only mold printing, transfer printing, ordinary washing and sewing are required to complete all the effects needed for traditional denim garments. The pattern effects of washing are printed, and the color fastness is high, so there is no problem of repeated washing and fading later.

Break the traditional denim process, high fastness and low cost

The environmental protection denim process breaks the tradition, eliminates the yarn dyeing and color weaving process, eliminates the traditional manual washing to the greatest extent, achieves high precision, high productivity, multi-color, high fastness, low cost, low water consumption, low pollution, non-toxic to the body, etc., and makes the jeans more fashionable and environmental friendly while maintaining the classic style.

The company provides a complete set of project output including equipment, process, technology, consumables and complete process training


Enhancement of added value, green and environmental protection

The successful development and smooth implementation of the project products will realize the complete retention of the industrial chain of weaving, dyeing and marketing of denim fabrics in China, bring vitality to the whole textile, dyeing, fabric and garment industry chain, effectively enhance the added value of textile fiber and fabric garment products, and promote their industrialization and internationalization; truly achieve the goal of green water and green mountains, the beauty of both life and business, and the source of governance.



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