Ceramic fiber cloth - high temperature resistant and fireproof industrial building materials

Ceramic fiber cloth - high temperature resistant and fireproof industrial building materials

Ceramic fiber cloth is generally made of ceramic fiber (ceramic fiber is also called aluminum silicate fiber, because one of its main components is aluminum oxide, which is the main component of porcelain).

It is an industrial building materials product with the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, small specific heat and mechanical vibration resistance.


It is used in various high-temperature, high-pressure and wear prone environments. The product specifications are generally 1.5mm-6mm and the width is 1m, including (nickel chromium alloy wire reinforcement, stainless steel wire reinforcement, glass fiber reinforcement, ceramic fiber coating cloth, ceramic fiber slag bonding cloth, ceramic fiber sintered cloth, ceramic fiber fumigation cloth).

Product functional characteristics


High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low heat capacity, continuous use temperature up to 1000 ℃, short-term use temperature up to 1260 ℃.

Excellent high temperature insulation performance, long service life.

It has the ability to resist the corrosion of aluminum, zinc and other non-ferrous metals.


It has good low temperature and high temperature strength.

It is non-toxic, harmless and has no adverse effect on the environment.

Application scope of the product

Heat insulation of various kilns, high temperature pipes and containers, furnace doors, valves, flange seals, fire doors and fire shutter materials, high temperature furnace door sensitive curtain, engine and instrument heat insulation, fire-resistant cable cladding materials, high temperature fire-resistant materials, fabrics for heat insulation coverage, high temperature expansion joint filler, flue lining, high temperature resistant labor protection products, fire-resistant clothing, high temperature filtration, sound absorption and other application fields instead of asbestos.

Precautions for product application

Ceramic fiber textiles contain about 15% organic fiber. When the temperature is raised in the second use, the organic fiber in the product will gradually carbonize and become black with the increase of temperature, and there will be smoke. There may be flame in some places, which is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the use. As the temperature continues to rise, the products will gradually turn white. The organic fibers have been completely carbonized, and the products are completely made of high-temperature resistant inorganic materials such as ceramic fibers.



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