High tech flame retardant fabric: Jivor flame retardant gel fiber

High tech flame retardant fabric: Jivor flame retardant gel fiber

Film and television works on fire protection have always been loved by the audience. However, few people focus on the protective clothing worn by firefighters while the audience is attracted by the exciting disaster relief scenes. As we all know, it is the excellent flame retardancy and heat insulation performance of fire clothes that enable firefighters to successfully complete their tasks in many times. Fire retardant clothing can be said to be the behind the scenes hero of fire fighting.


Not long ago, Jilin Chemical Fiber Group Co., Ltd. developed a new high-performance flame-retardant viscose fiber, which has improved the performance of flame retardant fabrics in China to a new level.

Scientific and technological products to fill domestic gaps

"There are two kinds of flame retardant fabrics, permanent flame retardant fabric and post finishing flame retardant fabric. Our newly developed flame retardant viscose fiber is one of the permanent flame retardant fabrics." Said a researcher of Jilin Chemical Fiber Group.

According to him, permanent flame retardancy, also known as yarn flame retardancy or fiber flame retardancy, refers to the addition of a certain flame retardant to the raw fibers of the facing material, such as polyester, aramid, acrylic, etc., to change the thermal decomposition process of the fiber and promote dehydration and carbonization. Some of them are used to make the flame retardant decompose and release incombustible gas to cover the fiber surface to isolate the air.

"Permanent flame retardant treatment is mainly used to make the fabric have permanent flame retardant effect by improving the thermal stability of the fiber forming polymer and flame retardant modification of the precursor. In this respect, it is different from the general flame retardant fiber. This fiber uses the special flame retardant for viscose with high efficiency, halogen-free and permanent flame retardant characteristics developed and produced by Jilin Chemical Fiber, which is the only phosphorus based flame retardant for viscose fiber that has been industrialized in China, It has filled in the domestic blank and has obtained the national invention patent. " The R&D personnel of Jilin Chemical Fiber said.

"In the production process of flame retardant fiber, the injection blending technology before spinning is used to add special phosphorus flame retardant. The perfect combination of flame retardant medium and fiber ensures the permanent flame retardant protection performance. The fiber has the characteristics of flame retardant, heat insulation, non melting and dripping." R&D personnel said.

At present, flame-retardant viscose fiber has passed the European Union REACH Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals. The fabric blended with 50% viscose fiber and 50% aramid fiber has also passed the certification of EN ISO11612 standard for flame retardant protective clothing of EU.

Superior performance among similar products

It is understood that the flame retardant fiber has the characteristics of washing resistance compared with the flame retardant fabric after finishing, soft handle, high color fastness, and the flame retardant performance will never change. In addition, it is produced in the whole process of environmental protection, without peculiar smell, low smoke or smokeless in case of open fire, and has no pollution to the environment, meeting the standard of ideal flame retardant fabric with fire safety characteristics enforced by the public security fire department.

The R&D personnel compared the flame retardant fiber with ordinary flame retardant fabric, He said: "In fact, in terms of the initial flame retardant performance, it is not very different from ordinary flame retardant fabrics, but its advantage is that it has a lasting flame retardant performance, and the flame retardant effect will not be weakened even after more than dozens of times of washing. Ordinary flame retardant fabrics are often coated with a layer of flame retardant agent in the textile finishing process, and the flame retardant effect will be greatly reduced after a wash."

Another advantage of flame retardant fiber is the environmental protection property of the fabric itself. "The distinctive feature of flame-retardant viscose fiber is that it uses natural plants as raw materials. Unlike ordinary chemical fiber fabrics, viscose fiber achieves flame-retardant effect while maintaining the original fiber characteristics of regenerated cellulose fiber. Waste can be naturally degraded, meeting environmental requirements, and phosphorus flame retardant meets the requirements of EU for flame retardant and halogen-free." R&D personnel said.

Generally, the flame retardant fabric coated with flame retardant often has odor, formaldehyde and other chemical substances, which will produce toxic gas after combustion, which is harmful to human health and the natural environment.

"Flame retardant fibers also have excellent moisture absorption and drainage properties and dyeing properties. Good moisture absorption and drainage properties can make wearing comfortable and breathable. High temperature environment is conducive to sweat discharge, reducing adverse reactions such as muscle twitching. Natural fibers are easy to color, bright dyed, and have good color fastness, which also allows flame retardant fabrics to have more style and color choices in the process of making clothes." R&D personnel said.

According to him, the performance and structure design of flame-retardant textile products are mostly at the level of ordinary work clothes. The designers still focus on the flame-retardant effect, without paying attention to comfort, convenience and appearance. In fact, there are few opportunities for any piece of flame retardant protective clothing to really encounter high temperature flame during its service life. However, if the flame retardant protective clothing is uncomfortable, users will choose not to wear it, which will lead to loss of protection in case of fire. The appearance of flame-retardant gel fiber has just solved the comfort problem of flame-retardant fabrics, and at the same time, it can meet consumers' higher requirements for the appearance of textiles.

As the original natural antistatic property of viscose fiber is maintained in the production process, flame retardant fiber can effectively reduce arc burns and prevent the generation of static electricity, which is more suitable for use in areas with arc or explosion-proof. According to statistics, at present, more than 80% of the fire fighting clothing linings in China, the special combat clothing of the Falcon Commando of the Chinese Armed Police, the special combat clothing of the Chinese Snow Leopard Commando, and the training clothing fabrics of the Second Artillery Force all use this fiber in large quantities.


High tech flame retardant fabric is the development trend

Now, environment-friendly flame retardant fibers such as flame retardant fibers have become more and more popular in the market. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, the same type of flame retardant fiber products are now widely used in the field of fire protection clothing. The application of such fibers can be seen in French police uniforms, POLO T-shirts, CNOOC, electric power system anti-static clothing, EU smelting clothing, naval submarine clothing, British and American washable baby mattresses, civilian bed window curtains, etc.

Nantong Aike Special Textile Protective Fabric Co., Ltd., like Jilin Chemical Fiber, is an enterprise that produces high-tech protective fabrics. Eco flame retardant fabrics produced by Ike are also popular in the European market. At present, it has established cooperative relations with well-known enterprises such as Delta of France and Statoil of Norway.

Why is eco flame retardant fabric so competitive? Liao Weidong, the general manager of Aike Company, made a summary: "The product has high-tech content, which is the basis for us to obtain the market; the product features of ecological and environmental protection, which meets the requirements of the current sustainable development economy; the developed countries in Europe and America have higher standards for protection products, which makes our high-tech products more competitive."

"Although the ecological flame retardant fabric is sought after by European and American merchants in the international market, it is not familiar to many people at home. How to make the product serve more Chinese people is a problem that enterprises need to face." Liao Weidong said.

Taking the consumer structure of Jilin Chemical Fiber Group as an example, state organs and state-owned enterprises account for a large proportion. These institutions pay more attention to the protection performance and health and environmental protection standards of flame retardant products, and pay more attention to the scientific and technological content of products. However, in some private enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises, the price of products is often the main factor for them to choose flame retardant fabrics, but they do not have too many requirements for quality, and they have the mentality of 'muddling along and reaching the standard'.

Not enough. Liao Weidong is not worried about this situation. He thinks that more high-tech and environment-friendly flame retardant fabrics will become the mainstream of the market in the future. "Flame retardant fabrics involve the safety of users' lives and property. With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the quality of flame retardant products will inevitably become higher and higher. Any product will have a process from low-end to high-end. Ecological flame retardant fabrics will be hot in the market in the future." Liao Weidong said.


Nowadays, high-tech flame-retardant fabrics such as flame-retardant fibers have quietly entered the daily life of consumers, and high-tech flame-retardant fabrics have appeared in the common domestic blankets, curtains, wallcoverings, children's pajamas, etc. With the popularity of these high-tech flame-retardant fabrics, it will certainly bring more security to people.



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