China to create a sustainable supply chain of textiles to build a "green channel" for exports

In the face of growing green trade barriers, as the world's largest fabric exporters, China to create a sustainable supply chain for fabric products, will build a "green channel" for fabric exports.


  Jiang Zengwei, president of CCPIT, said at the "China-EU Sustainable Supply Chain High Level Forum" on 28th that China-EU fabric trade occupies an important position in China-EU trade, and the amount of fabric products exported from China to Europe in 2015 accounted for 11.3% of the total import from China by EU. Optimizing the sustainable supply chain of the fabric industry will further enhance the scale of China-EU trade, and it is also important to lead the global trade out of the downturn.


  The damage of green trade barriers to China's fabric trade should not be underestimated. According to estimates, in 2015, China's losses due to the EU's various green testing does not meet the standards of the amount of China's exports to the EU fabric workwear industry that year 18.9% of the total. And the EU's new environmental policy - product environmental footprint (PEF) has entered the test phase, once the adoption will bring serious challenges to my fabric industry exports.


  The forum will be announced "China's fabric products sustainable supply chain action plan". According to the program, four major projects will be implemented: sustainable standard system construction, production intelligence, innovative design, and green brand construction, to strengthen the development of fabric products, fabric intelligent manufacturing and other standards in each link of the fabric products supply chain, etc., and strive to build a global leading technical system and sustainable production standard system in China's fabric industry by 2036.


  Zhao Ping, director of the International Trade Research Department of the CCPIT Research Institute, pointed out that building a sustainable supply chain can break the green trade barriers to fabric exports on the one hand, and also promote the transformation of domestic fabric enterprises, but also help to improve the right of China's enterprises to speak in the formulation of international trade rules.



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