The difference between stain-resistant fabrics and easy-to-remove fabrics

First of all, from the definition of the two fabrics to distinguish, usually the protection fabric can be understood as oil-resistant and water-repellent fabric, is to block water and oil-resistant fabric, such as technology's oil-resistant and water-repellent and three anti-fabric, this fabric is to fundamentally prevent pollutants from staining on the fabric.

Easy to stain fabric refers to when the face chat on the stain adsorption of pollutants, especially simple cleaning or even just wipe to remove stains, technology weaving of the fabric by easy to stain agent after finishing, with stain and easy to stain double function, that is, in the use of the process is not easy to be stained by oil, once stained, in normal conditions also simple cleaning. Easy to stain fabric is especially suitable for making frequent contact with mineral oil and animal and vegetable oil staff wear work clothes, the fabric reaches FZ/T10012-1998 standard. But easy to stain fabric does not certainly have to have the function of stain removal fabric. As long as the standard can meet the standard, it can be easily cleaned for pollutants.

The common specifications of this kind of fabric are

①JLY-11-01 CVC 45×45 133×72 58/59″

②JLY-11-02 CVC 32×32 130×70 58/59″

The points of easy to decontaminate fabric.

I. Low yellowing tendency, suitable for light color and white fabric

ii. Prevention of stain deposition in the amorphous area of the fiber, the stain on the fabric can be easily removed.

III. Significant anti-dry stain performance, dirt and mud are simply discharged and brushed off, garments can maintain a new appearance for a long time.

IV. Good runnability, will not stain the roller, maintain the smoothness of production

V. Excellent resistance to washing, the fabric can still maintain excellent protection after many washes.

VI. No volatile organic solvents/no flash, no volatiles during drying and roasting.

vii. Does not affect the breathability of the fabric, comfortable to wear.


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