Coating and composite fabrics, how to wash without opening rubber hard?

Coated fabrics are fabrics (or non-woven fabrics) covered with a layer of polymers or other materials to form a compound of fabric and polymers.

       The coated fabric uses solvent or water to dissolve the required coating glue particles (PU glue, A/C glue, PVC, PE glue) and so on into a saliva-like shape, and then evenly coated on the fabric (cotton, polyester, nylon and other substrates) in a certain way (round net, squeegee or roller), and then fixed by the temperature in the oven, so that a uniform layer of covering glue is formed on the surface of the fabric.



Notes on washing and ironing of such fabrics.

        Coated fabrics are not suitable for dry cleaning, because dry cleaning may lead to the dissolution of the coating pulp or degreasing hardening, the best washing method is hand washing! Direct frontal ironing is prohibited to avoid melting and sticking of the coating!


Composite fabric

       Composite fabric can be understood as a new fabric with different compositions, different tissues or two (or more) fabrics with different dyeing and finishing processes organized together through a special bonding process.

       Composite fabrics apply the high technology and new materials of "new combined fiber", with many excellent performance (compared with ordinary combined fiber), such as fabric performance fine, delicate, elegant, warm, fabric appearance full, windproof, breathable, with a certain waterproof function.


Its main feature is warmth and breathability.

        The fabric also has a characteristic: good abrasion resistance, microfiber fabric feel soft, breathable, moisture permeable, so in the touch and physiological comfort, has obvious advantages, microfiber fabric wrinkle resistance is poor (this is because the fiber is soft, wrinkled elasticity is poor return); in order to overcome this shortcoming, so take a "composite" process, which greatly improves the microfiber fabric wrinkle resistance is poor. Composite fabric is a popular jacket fabric in Europe and the United States.



Washing and stain removal precautions.

       It is forbidden to dry clean the composite fabric for a long time, which may cause the composite fabric to open and blister. Because the dry cleaning process of tetrachloroethylene dissolves the bonding layer, resulting in the problem of gumming and blistering. It is forbidden to use oil-based stain remover when removing stains, or to scrape hard with a partial scraper, which is the root cause of gumming and blistering!



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