Do you know all the secrets about laminated fabrics?

Composite fabrics are now more and more widely used in the field of clothing, especially outdoor sportswear and functional clothing with special purposes. The appearance of composite fabrics makes up for many functions of traditional fabrics, such as it is warmer, stronger, waterproof, moisture permeable, and also makes the garments have more style effects.

A. What is composite fabric?


1、The concept of composite fabrics


Composite fabric is also called laminated fabric or pressed fabric, the English name Laminated fabric, is the two fabrics or more is a film and fabric composite together, and get both the advantages of the new fabric.

The structure of laminated fabric has two-layer structure, three-layer structure, four-layer structure, etc., which is judged according to the combination between the fabrics or the combination between the fabrics and the film.

2、Characteristics of composite fabrics

(1) More brace and durable, such as soft knitted fabric, which is only suitable for casual wear or making inner wear clothes, can be more widely used in jacket fabric after compounding.

(2) More warm, such as the three-layer composite fabrics.


3) It can be waterproof and rainproof, so that the wearer feels dry and comfortable.

4) Through compounding, the fabric breaks through the limitation of single layer and is given more functions, such as windproof, rainproof and moisture permeable.

3、Production and processing mode of composite fabric

The composite fabric is made by laminating and processing after selecting the surface fabric, lining fabric and film.



Hot melt glue is used to bond between face fabric, lining and film, generally the laminating process is irreversible and must be successful once. There may be some problems in the process, such as poor lamination fastness fabric easy to tear, or lamination wrinkles, breathable performance is not up to standard.

The surface fabric and lining can be randomly combined according to the existing textile fabrics, different combinations can achieve different functions of the fabric; the film can be used according to the breathable requirements, such as TPU, ePTFE and other materials.



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