Polyester digital heat transfer printing

Polyester digital heat transfer is to use digital spray painting, the design image through the inkjet printer spray painting to the special transfer paper, and then through the high temperature heat transfer in the transfer to the polyester fabric. The characteristic is simple process, high saturation of bright colors, the disadvantage is the weak ability to reflect dark colors, especially deep black, more difficult to meet customer requirements. Its advantages alone are enough to make the thermal transfer printing high-speed development.


Usually speak of thermal transfer is a transfer technology and products, is the use of thermal transfer equipment on the thermal transfer paper patterns and images after heating to 180 ℃ - 230 ℃ transfer printing on different material media technology form.

A digital thermal transfer printing characteristics advantages.

(1) simple process, no plate making, eliminating the need for some process, the same day can be sample.

(2) computer automatic color matching, reduce manual color matching and color mixing time, rich colors.

(3) the whole printing process pollution sources greatly reduced, environmental protection to reduce pollution.

(4) The starting number of meters is small, one meter, one piece of printing.

(5) softer hand feel.

(6) polyester fastness can reach more than 4 levels.

Two suitable for digital heat transfer printing fabrics.

Fuli spinning, chiffon yarn, Oxford cloth, polyester cotton fabric and other polyester fabrics.

Three suitable printing products.


Pillows, shoes, couple clothes, T-shirts, advertising shirts, cultural shirts, dresses, sportswear, fashion underwear and other clothing and art decorations.




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