Knitting Knitted composite fabric market sales are booming

Recently, the market fabric sales are still good, although from the total amount compared to April has fallen, but due to the large amount of orders, coupled with the downstream demand is still available, therefore, Shengze market from the weaving factory to the finishing plant is a brisk business. In this context, now the market has also emerged a number of hot varieties, from the use of these fabrics, home textile clothing fabrics are still the mainstream.



  Corduroy fabric is one of the mainstream varieties of autumn and winter apparel, this fabric is interwoven with nylon and polyester, so that the fabric has a color change effect after dyeing, but its big selling point is not in this, but according to the demand of this year's international fashion trend, in the finishing added a sense of leather film stamping, making the finished fabric material leather feeling stronger, thus broadening the demand side of the fabric, now the fabric mainly do home textiles Now the fabric is mainly used for home textile, garment, shoes and hats, etc.


  Compound suede: The fabric is made of 75D*225D warp knitting suede and single-sided velvet compound, processed by heat shrinkage, washing and other multi-processing, finished fabric style is to make the surface of suede present wrinkle effect, which is now popular in the market sofa leather, elephant pattern, this kind of fabric now with a novel style, mainly do home textile fabrics, such as sofa, seat cover and other home decorative fabrics, the market offer in 11.80 yuan/m.


  Composite color woven plain velvet: The fabric is the popular composite new products in the market in these two years, on the basis of the original fabric on the reverse side of the composite polyester-cotton blank fabric, making the fabric more comfortable than the original, pile more wear-resistant, now mainly used to do sofa fabrics, cushion covers, pillows, car interiors, etc., the market offer in 25.50 yuan / m.



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