Cotton spinning mills to reduce cotton and increase polyester to rampant?

According to the survey, since November 1.4D domestic polyester staple fiber, 1.5D viscose staple fiber market prices concentrated in 7200-7400 yuan / ton, 15100-15300 yuan / ton, and 3128 grade cotton price difference were in 8500 yuan / ton, 800 yuan / ton or more. This has led to cotton-related enterprises, research institutions and fabric authorities on the cotton textile weaving enterprises to purchase "increase chemical fiber, down cotton" doubts and concerns. Considering the October, November Xinjiang cotton out of the border by the transport is not strong, peripheral bulk futures commodities as well as cotton enterprises concentrate on replenishment, lint cost high multiple good support, Xinjiang cotton mainland warehouse pickup price generally in 16,000-16,500 yuan / ton (2016 rotation of high-quality state reserve cotton Xinjiang cotton market price is also approaching 16,000 yuan / ton), most of the small and medium-sized spinning mills, weaving mills, fabric factories and work weaving enterprises. Weaving factories, fabric factories and workwear factories, foreign trade companies to take orders, cotton "high cost, low profit, risky" label is difficult to sign down in the short term. I deduced that since October, small and medium-sized spinning enterprises to reduce cotton polyester operation has been in progress, the impact of low-grade, low-quality cotton consumption will be reflected in the first half of 2017; and large fabric enterprises from the stability of the product, customer stability and spinning profit perspective, increase polyester phenomenon will not be very prominent, for consumption, cotton decline, chemical fiber growth both need to pay close attention and no need to exaggerate!


  Then prompted small and medium-sized spinning enterprises to adjust raw material procurement, product structure, what are the reasons? The author's analysis is as follows.


  First, the profit situation of polyester cotton yarn is significantly better than pure cotton yarn. Take T/C45S (65/35) yarn as an example (high count polyester cotton yarn is more representative), spinning cost is 7300 * 0.65 + 16000 * 0.35 = 10345 yuan / ton; because polyester staple fiber spinning loss is particularly low, so the comprehensive loss of spinning at 2%, finishing fee according to 5500 yuan / ton, the factory cost is about: 10345 * 1.02 + 5500 ≈ 16,050 yuan / ton; taking into account the need to pay the difference between input and output tax, two months to occupy the capital cost and other total cost is not higher than 17,000 yuan / ton (some provinces spinning yarn input and output tax has been unified); and the current mainland market T / C65/3545S yarn offer concentrated in 17,600-17,700 yuan / ton, the net profit of the yarn mill at least 600 yuan / ton;.


  Secondly, domestic C32S and to count cotton yarn relative to India, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc. does not have any cost, quality advantages, low-end, low count yarn market fall inevitably, some small and medium-sized spinning mills had to layout in advance, compared to cotton yarn, polyester-cotton blended chemical fiber fabrics, polyester-viscose blended chemical fiber fabrics yarn by Southeast Asia, Bangladesh and other countries, the impact is relatively small;.


  Again, into November, the small and medium-sized cotton textile weaving mills face rising capital pressure, loan repayments, material costs settlement and end of the year wages, bonuses and other expenses so that manufacturers had to complete the possible reduction of raw materials accounted for the amount of cash, complete the fast realization of yarn inventory liquidation and external credit reimbursement, polyester staple fiber and other chemical fiber raw material unit price is low and fluctuations are small, yarn mills to maintain production.


  Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu and other parts of the cotton textile mills said, reduce cotton increase polyester is only a short-term behavior, after all, polyester cotton yarn, polyester viscose yarn of the domestic and foreign sales space is not much and demand did not really pick up, once the domestic cotton prices fell to a reasonable price in January-March 2017, spinning C32S and the following count of pure cotton yarn profit and smooth sales, spinning enterprises will still go back to cotton yarn-based, blended chemical fiber fabrics Yarn for the production pattern.



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