Yellow River Basin: Price increase, what comes always comes

November 29-30, the Yellow River Basin seed cotton, lint prices are still rising, which makes many market players cry out incomprehensible. "On the whole, the price is rising trend." A market source analysis.



  According to 400 cotton enterprises, the two days seed cotton purchase price rose 0.03-0.05 yuan / catty. November 30, the Yellow River Basin seed cotton prices center of gravity 3.65-3.95 yuan / catty, individual tail-end flower purchase price of about 3.55 yuan / catty, good quality seed cotton prices reached 4.00 yuan / catty. The reason why there is a large difference in the purchase price of seed cotton, one is that some counties and districts more partial incipient, seed cotton delivery need long-distance transport; second is that this year, the northwest of Lu more rainy climate in July-August, the quality of cotton has been affected, especially fiber strength, color, etc., cotton enterprises can only press price acquisition.


  As of November 30, has moved to Jilu Xinjiang cotton slightly up 100-150 yuan / ton, of which "double 28", "double 29" hand-picked cotton prices 16500-16600 yuan / ton, "double 28" machine picked cotton price of 16,100 yuan / ton line. Hebei Hengshui, Shandong Texas real estate cotton 3128 grade 15600 yuan / ton line. Xinjiang long-staple cotton prices rose sharply. November 30, Shandong Jining 137 long-staple cotton warehouse prices 21,700-2,800 yuan / ton, up 200-300 yuan / ton compared to 28. According to some intermediaries, the recent high prices of long-staple cotton seed cotton, the current long-staple cotton outbound transported by the increased cost of transport, long-staple cotton out of the border before the cost reached 20,800-21,000 yuan / ton (137 grade), to the mainland cost growth of many.


  However, in many industries, the recent cotton prices "against the market" rose, cotton farmers cotton enterprises are still not solid inside, to stock change the psychological growth of goods. Shandong Dongying a cotton enterprise responsible person, March 6, 2017 reserve cotton began to rotate out, that is to say, this year's new cotton sales good time only a little more than four months left, other Xinjiang cotton outbound progress accelerated, the mainland with cotton gap will soon be filled. As the market weathervane Zheng cotton futures, fluctuations are frequent, but also let people do not understand.


  Therefore, although cotton prices are rising, the main body holding cotton in the hands is still actively selling, market differentiation is also being formed.



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