Yellow River Basin: seed cotton lint fell, cotton seeds did not fall but rose

As of November 29, the Yellow River Basin seed cotton, lint cotton signs of decline, cotton farmers, cotton enterprises are injured. On the same day, a package of land in Cangzhou, Hebei cotton farmers introduced, at the moment Cangzhou cotton is divided into three or six or nine.


  November 29, Cangzhou, a 400-type cotton enterprises 39% clothing points seed cotton prices 3.65-3.85 yuan / kg, down 0.05 yuan / kg compared to yesterday. For some mixed flowers, horse value, fiber length does not meet the standard of cotton, the plant does not accept all. Other, due to the recent sale of new seed cotton "three silk" content more, enterprises deliberately hired 4-5 workers picking, the cost increased by 100-120 yuan / ton.


  In Shandong Binzhou, Texas, Heze and several other key cotton areas, the current seed cotton delivery and sale completed about 65%, the progress has accelerated compared with the previous period. But the 400-type cotton enterprises start rate is low, and the last two days seed cotton purchase price fell 0.05-0.10 yuan / kg, the enterprise daily purchase of 2-3 million pounds, more than 50,000 pounds or so.


  Second, the number of 200 cotton enterprises, the purchase price is low, the purchase price is confusing. As of now, the Yellow River Basin to maintain the acquisition of finishing the number of 200-type cotton enterprises in more than 100, these enterprises are relatively lively, but the seed cotton price is low. 29 November, Shandong Texas, a 200-type cotton enterprises seed cotton purchase price range of 3.40-3.55 yuan / kg, individual reached 3.65 yuan / kg, the daily collection of seed cotton 20-30,000 kg. Some cotton enterprises arranged to buy staff to Hubei, Hunan and other places to buy, the two places seed cotton prices are lower, but the long-distance transport to the factory, the cost price is not lower than the local.


  "The main thing is to have rice in the pot." The head of the enterprise said, since November, the local small package of cotton sales more smoothly, in order to speed up the progress, enterprises everywhere "amoy cotton". 200 cotton enterprises seed purchase price is more confusing, which is also related to the characteristics of small enterprises to see the stitch, see the profit.


  Third, lint prices fell slightly, the market is pessimistic. As of November 29, Shandong Binzhou, Liaocheng and other places Xinjiang hand-picked cotton "double 29" price in 16,300-16,400 yuan / ton, the center of gravity fell 100 yuan / ton. According to enterprise feedback, not only hand-picked cotton, part of the machine picked cotton fell more, a cotton merchant 3128-level machine picked cotton prices 15700-15800 yuan / ton, down about 200 yuan / ton compared to last Friday.


  In Xinjiang cotton fell at the same time, part of the real estate cotton synchronization fell. 29 November, a 400-type cotton enterprises in Cangzhou, Hebei 3128 large bales of cotton prices 15400 yuan / ton, down 100 yuan / ton; 3 small bales of cotton prices 14300-15000 yuan / ton, down 150-200 yuan / ton.



  It is understood that the cotton seeds do not fall but rise. 29 November, Hebei Dongwan, Wuqiao, Qu Zhou and other places cotton seeds to the factory price of 1.57-1.58 yuan / kg (gross seeds containing 12% oil, moisture 12%), Shandong Xiajin, Wucheng and other places to the factory price of 1.59-1.62 yuan / kg, individual reached 1.63 yuan / kg.


  Cotton seeds rose cotton prices fell, the market estimates, the impact of the announcement of the national cotton reserves rotation policy, the short-term electronic disk, spot will be some negative impact, the recent market is not optimistic. Yellow River Basin: seed cotton lint fell, cotton seeds did not fall but rose



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