Definition of functional fabrics

Functional fabrics are divided into two kinds

One is the clothing made of functional fabrics for outdoor sports, such fabrics are mainly used for mountaineering clothes, ski clothes, and assault jackets, with rugged style, stiff handfeel, and very high requirements for product performance, suitable for exploration and use in harsh environments, and play a protective role for people.

Another is the outdoor leisure functional fabrics made of clothing, the definition is to go out of the house is outdoor activities, such fabrics to casual fashion, pay attention to fine workmanship, feel soft, comfortable to wear, suitable for travel, wilderness activities and so on.


Quick-drying fabric

1. wearing this fabric clothing is very comfortable, completely do not feel the discomfort brought to us by sweat during sports.

2. this fabric can make the body sweat faster to the surface of the clothing.

3. It uses a special weave to export the excess sweat from the surface of the skin to the outer layer of the fabric.


UV protection fabric

1. Wear this fabric clothing completely do not worry about the skin by the sun sa sunburn

2. The UV protection function of this fabric (UPF 50+) can better protect the skin from the damage of UV rays.

3. The woven or knitted sunscreen material relies on the transfer of the fabric to absorb \ and reflect UV rays Hyvent

Waterproof fabric, breathable fabric

1. Wearing this fabric clothing to do outdoor sports, even in cold weather, encounter heavy rain, you do not have to worry about being wet.

2. ePTFE coating has very good water resistance and breathability, water resistance, -250°C ~ +260°C temperature range, stable performance.

3. Three-layer structure ---- outer layer, lightweight wear-resistant soft nylon, middle layer, expanded PTFE material, very light and thin coating, ePTFE coating, inner layer, lining, to protect the coating and prevent adhesion with clothing.


Windproof fleece fabric

1. Can meet the requirements of outdoor sportsmen for windproof and warmth in cold weather

2. Has excellent windproof and warm performance

3. Is the TNF unique windproof fleece fabric fleece fabric

4. In the cold winter outdoor, can meet the requirements of sportsmen for warmth

5. It is a fabric with excellent thermal performance



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