Down jacket with coated fabric

Down jacket with coated fabric

Pay attention to clothes with coated fabrics when washing

When washing in the washing machine, turn the clothes over before putting them in the washing machine. Otherwise, it is easy to wash.

Coating, in fact, is to apply a layer of special glue on the fabric to make it firm and textured

The waterproof and breathable fabric of the outer layer may be of concern to everyone. Waterproof and breathable fabrics are all PTFE, PU or TPU materials in the market, but you will see many names, such as GTX, DENTIK, SYMPATEX, etc., as well as fabric brands registered by various brands, such as CONDUIT, SUPER-TEX, HYVENT, OMINITEC, etc. The former is a manufacturer specializing in fabrics, whose fabrics have various styles or are produced according to the requirements of the brand. The latter often says that it is the fabrics developed by themselves. In fact, it is also the fabrics purchased from various fabric manufacturers. However, because these fabric manufacturers may not have their own brand fabrics (or the fabric brands are not famous), they have registered their own fabric brands as a publicity point. Therefore, I would like to remind you not to be too superstitious about the so-called XXX fabrics developed by themselves. In fact, they buy fabrics in various fabric factories. If you want to know the fabric, I suggest you know whether the fabric is PTFE or PU or TPU in essence, because the use effect will be different with different ingredients.


Down jacket with coated fabric

Is there any mildew on the coated down jacket that can be removed

It can be removed. You can use a brush dipped in some strong soapy water to scrub a few times, and then rinse it with clean water. The mildew can be eliminated.

1. If the clothes are hard to clean due to mildew, they should be wiped with hot hydrogen peroxide solution or bleach solution at 35-60 ℃, and then rinsed with water.

2. When silk clothes become moldy, just soak them in water for a while, and then brush them with a brush; If there are many and heavy mildew spots, smear 5% light nitrogen water on the mildew spots, stop for 3-5 minutes, and then wash with clean water. Mouldy spots appear on white silk clothes, which can be quickly removed by repeatedly scrubbing with 50% alcohol solution for several times.


3. When cotton clothes become moldy, you can use several green bean sprouts, rub them repeatedly in the places with mildew spots, and then rinse them with clean water to remove the mildew spots;

4. After the woolen clothes become moldy, first dry the clothes in the sun, and then gently brush off the mildew spots with a brush; If the clothes become mouldy due to oil stains and sweat stains, you can use a soft bristle brush dipped in some gasoline to repeatedly scrub the mouldy spots, and then use a clean towel to repeatedly wipe several times, and put it in a ventilated place to dry.

5. If there are mildew spots on leather clothes, you can wipe them repeatedly with a towel dipped in some soapy water, rinse them with clean water immediately after decontamination, and coat them with jacket oil after drying.

6. If it is light colored clothing mildew, it can be soaked in rice washing water overnight to allow the remaining protein to absorb mold, and then it can be handled according to the normal laundry procedure.

7. Mildew spots on silk and wool fabrics should be wiped with cotton balls dipped in turpentine, and then exposed to the sun to remove moisture.

8. If there are mildew spots on cotton and linen clothes, the primary color can be exposed to the sun, and the colored ones should be exposed to the sun in a ventilated place. After the clothes are dry, use a brush to brush the mildew spots. The woolen clothes are moldy, and direct exposure to the sun is prohibited. The clothes should be covered with white cloth, and the mildew should be brushed off after the clothes are dried. Or use calcium chloride solution for cleaning

9. Soak and wet wash the moldy clothes in aerobic washing powder. Aerobic washing is a kind of washing powder that can inactivate mold and remove the musty smell, which can greatly reduce the mildew stains or color of fibers.



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