Fabric | Children's personal antibacterial warrior - bamboo fiber

Buying underwear for your child.

Not an easy task

Every mother will ask when choosing clothes for her child

Are the clothes pure cotton?

Will it shrink? Will it fade?

Will not pilling will not be allergic

In the final analysis - the problem of fabric

New fabric - "bamboo fiber"



Bamboo in the process of growth, no insects, no moths, no corrosion, there is a good self-protection in nature, indicating that the bamboo itself has a natural antibacterial and antibacterial substances, and can resist external pests and diseases, the content of this substance in the bamboo material is very small, we call it "bamboo quinone" in the production process using patented technology, so that it is retained in the bamboo fiber is not destroyed, so that it has antibacterial and antibacterial properties. The fabric of bamboo fiber will not lose its antibacterial property even after repeated washing and sunbathing.

Advantages of the fabric


Bright and colorful product

Skin-friendly, soft, more comfortable for children;

The color is bright and lively, the child is more sunny and confident.


Good drapability, comfortable to wear

Clothing and the body as one

The child is not restricted from jumping up and down



Moisture-absorbent and breathable, better than cotton

More movement, more sweat is not a problem!

Clothes absorb moisture, skin breathable at all times!


Smooth, delicate, smooth like silk

It also has the "queen of fiber" called

The silk effect oh


UV protection

Worry about your child's skin darkening under the hot sun

Natural UV protection

Protects your child's fair skin.



Antibacterial, antibacterial

Antibacterial, antibacterial little warrior

Close protection

Children's skin more healthy

Keep the original bamboo antibacterial, antibacterial effect, at the same time has good moisture absorption and breathability, soft feel, fabric drapability, good anti-UV effect, easy care, excellent dyeing performance, wear-resistant, no pilling and other characteristics of the sky bamboo fiber fabric, you know all



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