The project of "high elasticity and comfortable antibacterial and antistatic sports fabric R&D technology" passed the appraisal


Project research background

In recent years, the research in the field of sportswear fabrics has developed rapidly and the market demand has gradually increased. The anti-pulling property, smoothness after being made into garments, tightness to the body, outstanding stretchability, moisture absorption and quick drying performance and antibacterial performance are all ideal elements of sports fabrics. By preferably selecting various functional fibers, PTT/spandex double elastic core yarn design, wetting gradient double-layer fabric tissue design, fabric cation modification, impregnated stretch retention technology, a multi-functional comfortable sports fabric with high elasticity and high response is developed.



Main innovation points of the project

The project made a double-layer knitted fabric with moisture-wicking and quick-drying, antibacterial by using modal fiber/wormwood bamboo pulp fiber, shaped antibacterial nylon/coolmax fiber blend and two kinds of PTT and spandex double-wrapped yarn made by Cyclofiber process as raw materials respectively. The main innovation points include: using PTT filament + spandex filament double wrapped core yarn structure design, using embedded spinning and all-poly spinning technology combined to give the fabric excellent tensile recovery performance and antibacterial function; by setting different moisture-absorbing fiber combinations in the inner and outer layers of the fabric and different knitting tissue structure of the inner and outer layers, it achieves moisture-absorbing and fast-drying effect; the fabric adopts super-feeding wet cloth shaping process to greatly reduce The fabric adopts the super-feeding wet cloth sizing process to greatly reduce the elasticity loss of the fabric, while the hydrophilic softener and high-efficiency penetrating agent are preferably selected to ensure the water absorption of the fabric and enhance the durability of the anti-static performance.




Industrialization and application of the project

The project has independent intellectual property rights and has been granted 3 patents, including 1 invention patent and 2 utility model patents. The project has achieved large-scale production and application, and the fabric has been applied by many sports brands and welcomed by users, with remarkable economic and social benefits.



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