Full antibacterial wool fabric, isolated from a variety of viruses and bacteria, guarding health!

Wool fiber is a natural protein fiber that

It is even the best of textile fibers

In a study published by NASA



with its natural high degree of breathability, odor resistance, flame retardant and natural temperature regulation and other advantages

stood out from the crowd

was selected as the

The most suitable fiber for astronauts to wear in space

Always using the highest quality Australian Merino wool

and is committed to

provide brands and consumers with

comprehensive healthy dressing solutions

using high tech treatments for wool yarns.

In addition to the unique advantages of wool fabric products

protection level of AA

The products are authorized by OekoTex


The EU has established the most influential textile eco-label

Protection is achieved through physical sterilization.

Safe for skin contact

Based on the concept of sustainability and green development

and has high washability.

70-90% continuous and efficient antimicrobial ability even after 20 washes

Multi-effect antibacterial, safe care



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