Four-sided stretch laminated fabric: high quality and warmth in one!

In recent years, functional outdoor fabrics have become more and more popular in the export market, with special functions and taking performance, compared with ordinary fabrics to meet the outdoor needs. Nowadays, outdoor fabrics are not only restricted to professional market demand, but are gradually opening up to the general public, and the market demand may climb further in autumn and winter.



This series of four-sided elastic composite rocking velvet demand is gradually increasing, the fabric not only has the characteristics of thick, soft and simple appearance, but also waterproof, windproof, breathable and moisture permeable, which greatly meets the special needs of outdoor, sports and leisure. This fabric combines high quality and cold warmth as a whole, and is loved by the market, and is suitable for use in punching clothes, ski clothing clothing, mountaineering clothing fabrics, cold-proof clothing fabrics, etc.




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