PUR hot melt adhesive in the field of laminated fabrics and electronic products!

PUR Hot Melt Adhesives

PUR Hot Melt Adhesive - Moisture Curing Reactive Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive

PUR (Polyurethane Reactive) is a moisture-curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive. The main component is polyurethane prepolymer with terminal isocyanate, PUR has adjustable adhesion and toughness (elasticity), excellent adhesive strength, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and aging resistance. Reactive hot melt adhesive is under the condition of inhibiting chemical reaction, such as hot melt into a fluid for application; two sticky bodies are laminated and cooled and the adhesive layer coalesces to play a bonding role; afterwards, with the help of moisture present in the air and the moisture attached to the surface of the sticky body and the reaction, chain expansion, and generation of polymer with high polymerization power, so that the adhesion, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, etc. are significantly improved. Because of its high reactivity, it shows excellent adhesion to a variety of materials, and has become one of the important varieties of adhesive industry in recent years, and is now widely used in packaging, wood processing, automotive, textile, mechanical and electrical, aerospace and other national economic fields.6c40.jpeg

PUR adhesive is a molecular structure containing polar and chemically active ammonia ester group (-NHCOO-) or isocyanate group (-NCO), and materials containing active hydrogen, such as wood, leather, fabric, paper, ceramics and other porous materials and plastic, metal, glass, rubber and other surface glossy materials have excellent adhesion.

Technical parameters

Appearance milky white solid

Open time (open time 3mm thick 20℃) 60-90 seconds

Specific gravity 1.12 g/cm3


Isocyanate 0.9~1.2%

Bonding performance A1/A1 2.3±0.1Mpa

Adhesive performance ABS/ABS 3.4± 0.1Mpa

Gluing temperature<155℃

Use temperature (temperature resistance after curing) -40℃~95℃

Use method

1、 Heat the PUR glue at 130℃ for 40 minutes, apply glue with 20kg(200kg) of Noxin special pressure plate type PUR hot melt glue machine or use pneumatic (or manual) glue gun to squeeze the glue on the required bonding part, and finish the lamination in 1 minute.

2、 The bonded work piece placed for 10 minutes can be trimmed to remove the excess adhesive material.

3, trimmed work should be placed at 23 ℃, 65% relative humidity for 24 hours before moving to the next process. Performance test can be conducted after one week.

4、 The construction should be carried out under good ventilation, the uncured glue can be wiped off with acetone, and the glue must be cleaned with our company's matching detergent after using the glue machine.


PUR adhesive should be stored in a dry and cool place. Avoid exposure to sunlight and contact with steam, water and alcohol solvent is prohibited. The shelf life is 6 months.


310ml aluminum alloy tube, 500g aluminum platinum bag, 20kg/barrel.

Compared with EVA hot melt adhesive, water-based/solvent-based adhesive, PUR has the following advantages.

1. solvent free, one liquid type. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, there is no drying process, no environmental pollution and poisoning problems due to solvents, meeting environmental requirements. Bonding process is simple, can use roller coating or spraying and other sizing methods. 2.

2. Good operability. In a short period of time, the two bonded bodies can be fixed, so the assembly can be quickly transferred to the next processing process to improve the efficiency of work.

3. Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, water vapor resistance, chemical resistance and solvent resistance. Compared with the original hot melt adhesive, the cross-linked structure of the reactive hot melt adhesive makes the listed performance and bonding strength increase significantly.


PUR hot melt adhesive in laminated fabrics


Current status of fabric laminating adhesives

Water-based polypropylene system adhesive (cloth-to-fabric lamination)

solvent-based system adhesive (cloth and film lamination)

PUR hot melt system adhesives (cloth to film lamination)

EVA/Polyamide hot melt adhesive system (cloth to cloth lamination)

PUR hot melt adhesives vs. oil adhesives (solvent adhesives)

Cloth to film application

PUR hot melt oil adhesives

Environmentally friendly, solvent-free containing solvent, harmful

Fast curing speed, high production efficiency requires solvent volatilization, low production efficiency

Requires less labor requires a large number of workers

Affected by the environment not affected by the environment

60 degrees of resistance to water washing 50 times, 90 degrees can also be washed 60 degrees of water washing 20 times

Apply glue less apply glue large amount

Good hand feeling general

PUR hot melt adhesive in the composite fabric application

Note: The black arrow points to the PUR glue application point

Typical PUR product introduction

Item index

Appearance (room temperature) Transparent

Solid content1

Viscosity (Pa.S@100 degrees) 5.5-7

Opening time(Min)≥10

Resistant to water washing 50 times without degumming

Resistant to dry cleaning 50 times without degumming

Storage period (month) 6

Gluing process

Generally use rolling dot coating method


Costs can be reduced by 30% according to cost calculations

No waste water, no waste gas

High degree of automation, easy to manage


Instructions for use of solvent-free PUR hot melt polyurethane adhesive

Solvent-free PUR polyurethane laminating adhesive PUR-103 is a 100% solid content one-component solvent-free polyurethane laminating adhesive. PUR (PolyurethaneReactive), is a moisture-curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive. The main component is terminal isocyanate polyurethane prepolymer. In the heated high-temperature state, PUR adhesive molecules and the air or the sticky material on the water or active hydrogen reaction and the formation of part of the cross-linked network structure, so that the bonding strength, chemical resistance, heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance and other properties better than the general hot melt adhesive. The bonding operation is easy, and the range of adhesives is wide and the performance is adjustable.

Solvent-free PUR polyurethane laminating adhesive applications

Suitable for common fabrics, fluorine material treated fabrics, polyester elastic silk, cotton, fibers, PVC, PET and TPU; after compounding, it has excellent resistance to water washing and dry cleaning.

Solvent-free PUR polyurethane laminate technical specifications

Item specifications

Solid content 100% Technology: 13929430431


Viscosity@90℃about 6000mPa.s


Odor weak odor at working temperature, odorless after curing

Color appearance transparent viscous liquid

Equipment use reference temperature 90~120℃

Use temperature 90-120℃

Solvent-free PUR polyurethane compound adhesive use method

Coating quantity: 5-35g/m2 depends on the fabric composition, small sample test is needed before use

Operating temperature: 90-120℃

Curing cycle 25℃, 36-48 hours (in ambient humidity of 70% or more)

Humidity needs to be adjusted according to the speed of the machine, machine and material, long curing time 3-4 days.

Precautions for solvent-free PUR polyurethane laminating adhesive

Please avoid mixing with water or alcohol.

Make sure the container is sealed and stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place

This product must be used with protective equipment and ventilation.

Keep away from children.

PUR hot melt adhesive in the field of electronic products

With the development and popularity of electronic products such as cell phones, tablets, computers, electrical appliances and wearable devices, the application of electronic glue in this field has become more and more demanding. Cell phones, TVs, etc. also towards the development of intelligent, integrated, screwless, bezel-less, many traditional glue has been unable to meet the development requirements of modern intelligent devices, PUR hot melt adhesive is to meet the requirements of the development of intelligent devices and the development of new electronic product adhesives.

So what are the outstanding advantages of PUR hot melt adhesive compared with other electronic adhesives, and why it is widely used in the field of electronic products?

1. PUR hot melt adhesive has strong bonding and high strength after curing, which can meet the bonding requirements of most electronic products.

2. PUR hot melt glue is easier to control the thickness of the glue than other electronic glue, so it can meet the current design requirements of narrow-bezel cell phones.

3. PUR hot melt adhesive is a thermoplastic polyurethane, using PUR hot melt adhesive bonding products easier to disassemble, easy to return.

PUR hot melt adhesive above three characteristics, decided PUR hot melt adhesive compared to other adhesives, in the field of electronic products bonding more advantageous.

PUR hot melt adhesives have become the industry's choice for bonding, sealing, laminating, joining, insulating, electronic protection and assembly. Specific applications include smartphone and tablet screen component assembly, learning machines, GPS navigators, wearable electronic devices, window bonding, housing structure bonding, battery bonding, flat sealing, PCB assembly and protection, and more.



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