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Bamboo fiber is produced by using patented technology, using bamboo as raw material, processed by a special high-tech process to extract the cellulose from bamboo, and then manufactured by the process of gum making, spinning and other processes to produce a renewable cellulose fiber.

Bamboo fiber fabric contains a variety of natural properties of bamboo fiber, knitting on the application is also quite extensive, towels, bathrobes, intimate apparel, T-shirts and a series of products.

The thin ones are sweat cloth, mesh, etc., and the thick ones are fleece, terry cloth, cotton wool, waffle, etc.


Bamboo fiber is divided into virgin bamboo fiber and regenerated bamboo fiber) to bamboo as raw material, by a special high-tech process to extract the cellulose in bamboo, and then by the process of gum making, spinning and other manufacturing of regenerated cellulose fiber. Because the growth of bamboo does not need to apply all kinds of chemical fertilizers, and its own can produce negative ions and anti-insect and anti-bacterial effect, so its growth process because of the absence of pests and diseases and eliminated the pollution of pesticides.

Bamboo fiber uses high-tech means in the whole process of manufacturing, without any chemical additives. It has excellent characteristics such as good breathability, instant water absorption, strong abrasion resistance and good dyeing. At the same time, bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-mite, anti-odor and anti-UV effects.



1. antibacterial and antibacterial function, the same number of bacteria observed under the microscope, bacteria in cotton, wood fiber products can be multiplied, while the bacteria on bamboo fiber products in 24 hours after being killed about 75%.

2. Deodorization and adsorption function, bamboo fiber internal special ultra-fine micro-pore structure makes it has a strong adsorption capacity, can adsorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air, eliminate bad odor.

3. Moisture absorption and moisture removal function, the cross-section of bamboo fiber is concave and convex deformation, covered with nearly elliptical pores, is highly hollow, capillary effect is very strong, can absorb and evaporate water in an instant

4. Super anti-UV function, the UV penetration rate of cotton is 25%, the UV penetration rate of bamboo fiber is less than 0.6%, its anti-UV ability is 41.7 times of cotton.

5. Super health care function , bamboo is rich in pectin, bamboo nectar, tyrosine, vitamin E and SE, GE and many other trace elements of anti-cancer and anti-aging function.

Product advantages.

Smooth and soft warm

Bamboo fiber textiles feel like "silk satin". Bamboo fiber textiles have a fine unit fineness, smooth feel: good whiteness, bright colors; toughness and wear resistance, good resilience; strong longitudinal and lateral strength, and stable uniformity, good drapability.

Moisture absorption and breathability

Bamboo fiber cross-section is covered with large and small oval pores, can absorb and evaporate a large amount of water. The water absorption of bamboo fiber is three times that of cotton. Bamboo fiber's moisture absorption, moisture resistance, breathability before the major textile fibers.

Warm in winter and cool in summer


Bamboo fiber textiles used in the summer and autumn season, making people feel special cool, breathable; winter and spring use that fluffy comfortable and can eliminate excess heat and water in the body.

Antibacterial and antibacterial

Under the microscope, bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fiber, but the bacteria on bamboo fiber products are killed more than 75% after 24 hours, which is not available in other textile materials.

Natural beauty

It has the natural beauty effect of bamboo, natural anti-mite, anti-odor, anti-insect generating negative ion characteristics.

UV resistant

The UV penetration rate of bamboo fiber is 6 parts per million, the UV penetration rate of cotton is 2,500 parts per million, the anti-UV ability of bamboo fiber is 41.7 times of cotton.

Natural health care

Bamboo is a treasure all over the body, very early bamboo and people's lives are closely related to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" in 24 places about the different medicinal efficacy and prescriptions of bamboo, folk are thousands of prescriptions, bamboo has been contributing to the health of our people.

Green Environment

In today's world of "saving energy and protecting the environment", bamboo is becoming more and more prominent as a green product. Bamboo can grow up to 3 feet tall overnight, can be grown and renewed quickly, and can be used sustainably. To a large extent, it can alleviate the shortage of wood and cotton resources. Bamboo fiber textiles are made of biodegradable materials, which can be completely degraded by microorganisms and sunlight in the soil, and this decomposition process will not cause any environmental pollution. 

6. Comfortable and beautiful function, bamboo fiber unit fineness, good whiteness, dyed color elegant, bright and real, not easy to fade, luster bright, rich and scraping, flowing generous, good drape, with a natural simple and elegant texture

Storage and transportation: stain and moisture resistant

Packaging: paper tube + double bag packaging

Technical parameters.


bamboo fiber fabric



100% bamboo fiber, blended


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3-4 grade (adjustable)

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