South Xinjiang: cotton yields see an increase in the market continues to be under pressure

 July 28, at the end of the research trip in the northern border, the reporter and his party drove to the southern border Kucai City, the local cotton growth and other conditions to continue research.


  It is understood that, compared with the northern cotton planting area slightly reduced, Kucai planting area is basically stable, cotton production than last year increased. A local cotton farmer told reporters that this year, the local climate conditions favorable to the growth of cotton, cotton growth, despite the impact of high temperatures, pests are more serious, but after the drug control, cotton pests have been well suppressed, to ensure production. Last year, the average yield of cotton reached 450 kilograms per mu, is expected to have a small increase in production this year. Driven by last year's cotton market, the benefits of cotton planting than other crops, cotton farmers are highly motivated to plant cotton, local cotton rental costs higher than last year, the average land rent reached about 1300 yuan, plus fertilizer and other agricultural prices, the cost of cotton planting this year increased significantly, the cost is expected to be 2600-3000 yuan / mu.

  In the face of the upcoming seed cotton acquisition season, the South Xinjiang gin enterprise mentality is different from the North. Due to last year's seed cotton acquisition market showed a high start and low trend, resulting in higher seed cotton acquisition costs in the northern border than the southern border enterprises, in this year's lint market prices are significantly lower, some of the southern border ginners loss of small with the northern border. When it comes to this year's seed cotton purchase price, the southern border enterprises are expected to be basically the same as the northern border enterprises, equivalent lint price or in 13,000 yuan / ton. Of course, this is the current forecast, the actual price will have to refer to the Zheng cotton futures prices, now the futures prices are more volatile, when the price can be stabilized in how much now is not too early to conclude. But one thing is certain, the enterprise acquisition must be for the futures set to retain the profit margin.

  As for the amount of seed cotton acquisition, the interviewed enterprises believe that if this year's seed cotton prices low open low, will be released to acquire, from the long-term fluctuations in cotton prices, cotton futures prices in the vicinity of 13,000 yuan / ton in the historical low range, the risk is relatively controlled. Compared with the cautious acquisition attitude of enterprises in the northern border, the southern border enterprises are relatively optimistic.


  This year, Kucha, new and area to remain stable, the yield is expected to slightly increase, the total cotton production will also increase. Local ginners believe that the number of unsold lint last year is large, the new flower production this year is likely to increase, and will form pressure on the cotton market, cotton prices to appear to rebound sharply is very difficult. In addition, Xinjiang textile enterprises start production situation is not good, the lack of orders led to a decline in cotton consumption, cotton prices in the market is still not optimistic.



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