How does memory fabric remember fabric form?

Memory fabric is becoming an increasingly important fabric for suits, jackets, women's suits, etc. and the technology is maturing. It is important for us to understand such a fabric. Memory fabric, as the name implies, has the word "memory" as its main characteristic. Memory fabric can keep its original state, and it can be easily restored once there are wrinkles and so on.


 Those who are fond of suits, jackets, ladies' coats, etc. or have studied them may know about memory fabrics. Memory fabric is a fabric with great performance that has been developed in recent years. Since this is the case, what kind of fabric is memory fabric and what kind of properties does it have?


Memory fabric is what kind of fabric

Memory fabric, as the name implies, is a kind of fabric that can remember the form, also called memory cloth or form memory cloth, etc.. Specifically this kind of fabric after its original state is fixed, if deformation occurs, it can be returned or restored to the original state after some external stimulation. Once this fabric is fixed, it can undergo any deformation, and it can be restored under certain conditions. It seems to be wonderful, and this is the so-called memory fabric.


Characteristics of memory fabric

There are some characteristics of memory fabric.

First of all, the moisture absorption and water absorption of this fabric will not be poor, and it can wick sweat and keep fresh.

Second is the permanent conformability, this fabric once shaped, can maintain any shape, after the appearance of wrinkles, with a gentle brush without leaving traces can be restored to its original state.

There is also a relatively good anti-static, ultraviolet light and some other fabrics also have the same function.

In the feel, touch and other aspects is also very good, soft and delicate texture, very comfortable, and the fabric can be used without ironing, very simple care.

After, this fabric is not easy to be polluted, more durable, not easy to be destroyed by some chemically strong substances.

This current very new and powerful fabric, naturally more sought-after in the market. There are various claims of the so-called similar fabrics in the market, such as half memory, anti-memory, full memory and other claims. The price varies greatly, and the functional characteristics of the fabric also vary equally. Naturally, there is a big difference between some similar fabrics with different claims in the market and the real memory fabrics. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention when purchasing and not to be greedy for cheap.

The technology of memory fabric continues to mature, and it is likely to become a mainstream fashion item in the market in the near future. So now some understanding of memory fabric is also necessary.



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