How to transform traditional commerce? E-commerce to explore new ways

In the early winter, the first floor hall of Guanghe County E-commerce Center is trading hot. The large hall is decorated with all kinds of wool coats, knee pads, shoulder pads, vests, worship clothes, etc. Some are being packed in boxes, some have been affixed to the courier list is loaded into the logistics freight truck parked at the door, the same day shipped to Lanzhou, and then sent to all parts of the country. "Last year online sales reached 47.6 million yuan, it is estimated that this year there will be a more substantial growth." The center's director said.

  In recent years, Guanghe County focus on cultivating leather, woolen, trade and commerce three major characteristic industries, guide and encourage enterprises to fully rely on the e-commerce platform to increase online and offline sales, drive the local ethnic clothing, ethnic supplies, halal eating products, ethnic crafts and other special products to the sea and abroad, and promote the local people to increase production and income. According to Wang Bin, deputy mayor of Guanghe County, the county's e-commerce online sales so far this year reached 48 million yuan, only the "Double Eleven" period online sales of products reached 8.28 million yuan.

  The traditional trade county with e-commerce to achieve transformation and efficiency, through the progress of rural e-commerce to promote employment, increase income, and drive the poor people out of poverty and get rich. The beneficial exploration of e-commerce in Guanghe County brings us a lot of inspiration.

  How to transform traditional commerce? E-commerce explore new ways

  As the eastern gate of Linxia Prefecture, Guanghe County is an important post on the southern route of the ancient Silk Road, where commerce has been active and merchants have gathered since ancient times. Since the reform and opening up, the minority people here carry forward the traditional advantages of good business, go north and south, business, the rapid rise of the private economy, trade markets are scattered, Gansu and even the west important fur and tea distribution center. At present, the county has more than 1300 private enterprises mainly in leather and wool spinning, employing more than 20,000 people. The annual wool throughput reaches 60,000 tons, cattle and sheepskin trading volume reaches more than 5 million, with sales of nearly 500 million yuan.

  In recent years, with the progress of Internet information technology, online publicity, ordering, sales-based e-commerce is changing day by day, forming a new challenge to the traditional trade circulation industry. For the people of Guanghe who are good at business and sensitive, the progress of e-commerce is both a challenge and an opportunity. With wisdom and wisdom, they change their mindset, follow the trend, fully rely on the Internet e-commerce platform, the traditional trade circulation industry and modern e-commerce fully combined to promote each other, the integration of progress, and promote the transformation of traditional trade circulation industry progress.

  In order to support the progress of e-commerce, Guanghe County relies on the advantages of leather and wool industry, focusing on market operation and exploring new ways of e-commerce progress. Invested 11 million yuan to build a county e-commerce service center, encourage and guide the private enterprises, individual finishing households in conditions to open online stores. At present west Yu industry and trade, is clear commerce and so on leather apparel, ethnic goods, halal eating product related 22 home electric business enterprise stationed in the electric business service center, becomes the "leading" which drives the county electric business progress.

  Nowadays, in the wide pass river, the Tao river both sides, more and more traditional enterprise begins to use "the Internet thinking" to guide the production and the sale, realizes "the store merchant" and "the electric merchant" the fusion, forms Electronic payment, logistics distribution, cell phone business, agricultural products (000061,stock bar) trading, talent training and so on one-stop electric business service system. At present, the county has six leather enterprises and more than 250 online stores signed supply agreements, annual sales of more than 50 million yuan.

  How to increase the income of poor households? E-commerce build a new platform

  Although it is winter leisure time, but Guanghe County Zhuang are set town Dazhuang village villagers Ma Yufang did not idle, she went to work every day on time to the village a work clothes finishing factory, monthly income of more than 2,000 yuan. "Work at home, both to earn money, but also to take care of the family, it's great!" Ma Yufang said happily.


  Dazhuang Village is one of the remote mountainous poverty-stricken villages in Guanghe County, where transportation is inconvenient, the people's life is difficult, and poverty alleviation is very difficult. The provincial, state and county poverty alleviation departments have taken precise measures to introduce e-commerce to this village on a trial basis.

  Ma Yufang work place, is the county government support to guide Gansu Muzen fur clothing Co., Ltd. in Dazhuang village to build a station on behalf of the finishing point, the purpose is to "company + farmer" form, relying on the leading enterprises of e-commerce to drive the poor people to enrichment.

  Into the village of Dazhuang, striking is located in the new rural center of the "demonstration point of electric business poverty alleviation" a few eye-catching words. In the two new production workshops at the demonstration site, more than 20 women were busy operating sewing machines and finishing the production of shoulder pads, knee pads, waist pads, vests, leather pants and so on. An employee was counting everyone's income for the month, and the reporter saw that most of them earned more than 1,500 yuan a month, including Ma Yufang's much, which reached 3,500 yuan. "More work this month, I also work more overtime, so more income." Ma Yufang said with a smile.


  Now in the village of Dazhuang this generation finishing point, there are 31 poor families of women through training participation and product finishing, the surrounding farmers are driven at home for manual generation finishing. Other, through active guidance, the successful introduction of Xue Nu company in Zhuang Jie town blue water river village construction of electric business demonstration point to alleviate poverty, supporting more than 30 finishing machinery, more than 40 poor households women finishing production to earn wages.

  "Only the national, is the world." The advantageous industries of Guanghe County became the advantageous products of electric business, which built a platform for electric business to promote precise poverty alleviation. "Our products are sold to all over the country through the Internet, and the products are in short supply. Very much in the rural progress on behalf of finishing, on the one hand to solve the employment of local poor households, on the other hand, also alleviate the shortage of enterprise personnel, mutually beneficial, progress is very potential." The person in charge of the demonstration site of electric business poverty alleviation in Dazhuang Village said so.

  How to employ rural youth? E-commerce training to expand new channels

  In the province's vast rural areas, the progress of electric business is the lack of talent, very know how to operate, will govern, good marketing professionals.

  In order to support the accelerated progress of e-commerce, Guanghe County, the introduction of e-commerce talent training planning, integration of existing resources, and actively explore the construction of e-commerce talent training system by the government, e-commerce associations, higher education institutions and e-commerce enterprises as the main body, to carry out e-commerce elite, Taobao shopkeepers, college students, village officials, "two students" and other multi-type, multi-level training activities.

  In November this year, the relevant departments of Guanghe County have twice organized 174 unemployed college and university graduates to go to Yiwu, Zhejiang Province for training and field study to learn to grasp the basic knowledge of e-commerce and enhance the useful skills of e-commerce. At the same time and Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics e-commerce laboratory docking, e-commerce center staff, college student village officials and business leaders for e-commerce training.

  "Through 'going out' training, some trainees achieve employment in the local area, some return to their hometowns to enter local enterprises to become online marketing backbone, and some self-run online stores to start their own business progress." Ma Junxiang, head of the County Business Bureau informed reporters.

  According to the introduction, Guanghe County is clear business company at the beginning of a college student led by unemployed college and university graduates and "two after students" engaged in e-commerce, now progressing to become an annual sales of 11 million yuan of e-commerce enterprises, known as the model of college students innovation and entrepreneurship. Through demonstration, the county has more than 20 college students and "two after students" to join the ranks of e-commerce, extending the opening of one after another independent business online store.

  At the same time, the county also increased the training of poor rural labor force, and gradually implement the promotion of rural electric business poverty alleviation. Actively guide to Xiyu industry and trade, Gansu Muzen and other e-commerce enterprises as a leader, focusing on more than 400 households in Kangjia Village to relocate farmers and 20 precision poverty alleviation village surplus labor force for e-commerce skills training, in Zhuang areal set town Dazhuang Village and Lanshuihe Village set up stations e-commerce poverty alleviation demonstration points, training local poor households women to work clothes finishing production.



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